Whoop vs Apple Watch: Which One is Best for You

Hola Readers! Lately many of my friends have been wondering and are confused about what they should buy, a Whoop or an Apple Watch.

Both of these come with their different features while having similarities too. These bands do multiple works on monitoring our bodies every day. Both Whoop and Apple watches have specialties that they are preferred for. This fact will get more clear as you read this article further.

Whoop Straps

Whoop straps are meant to monitor the sleep, recovery, and strain in your body. It is generally comfortable to wear nonstop due to the durable Superknit bands. It also has a haptic alarm it wakes you up based on your sleep needs and cycles. You get accurate data due to the 5 LEDs and four photodiodes which capture your data with high accuracy. The strap is a waterproof and wirelessly chargeable gadget that tracks your help 24/7. The strap helps you monitor your health with a sensor and records vital signs like blood oxygen levels, skin temperature readings, and heart rate metrics.


  • Records your sleep cycles, sleep performance and quality.
  • It monitors and measures the training activities and daily efforts which you put in.
  • It monitors the daily recovery scores by analyzing key metrics like HRV and resting heart rate.
  • It also monitors your blood oxygen levels, skin temperature, and heart rate.
  • This strap gives strain coaching, sleep coaching, and behavioral journal.

Pros & Cons

  • It records your stats accurately.
  • It provides your community where you could share your real-time stats and other progress with fellow Whoop users.
  • It provides you with training regarding your strain and sleep.
  • It lacks a screen.
  • Having constant contact with Bluetooth may not be good for your body.
  • You need to pay constant subscriptions for your strap to work.
  • You cannot watch your heart rate or other physical stats while working out as the strap does not have any screen.

Apple Watch


Apple watches are famously known for their price, fashionable looks, limitless monitors, and sports support. The Apple watches come with numerous numbers of sports modes and lucrative bands. The later series of Apple watches even additional has an altimeter, barometer, cellular availability, blood oxygen app, ECG app, and many more features than the previous watches. This is the ultimate device for a healthy life, NFC payments, durability, the display, and music. Cellular connectivity lets you make international calls and emergency SOS in the latest versions of watches.


  • The apple watches have a large and bright display.
  • They are swim-proof, and some are even dust resistant.
  • They have a retina display with series 7 having always-on Retina display mode.
  • The watch gives high and low heart rate notifications along with irregular heart rhythm notifications.
  • All the Apple watches have emergency SOS and an additional international emergency calling along with fall detection for the later series.

Pros & Cons

  • The watch has a sleek design and fitness tracker.
  • It has fall detectors.
  • The watches are water resistant.
  • The battery drains out faster.
  • Too costly.
  • Compatible only with iPhone.

Whoop vs. Apple Watch


The Whoop straps are screenless, lightweight devices for nonstop data collection. It is comfortable to wear with Superknit bands which come in many colors. Whoop is reducing its size significantly with its new models. The Whoop straps have a minimalistic design.

 Apple watches have a rectangular shape with circular sides. You can choose the case, pick the band and also customize the watch face according to your personal preference. It has a large screen with a bright display. The Apple watches are increasing their display size even after keeping their case size the same by reducing the borders. The latest Apple Watch series has a full-screen display.  5 Aluminium colors are provided for the watch cases. All in all Apple watches have the most premium look as the company takes a great deal about making its product fashionable.

Functionality/ Features

The strap comes with an app where you could watch the data and stats of your daily activity. The app also provides unlimited access to data, coaching, and a Whoop community. The strap provides a personal sleep coach. It has an index sleep monitoring with time in bed, disturbance and efficiency tracker along with heart rate and latency.

The strap also has a recovery tracker, which measures your recovery stats in Green, Yellow and red classes. You can also reduce the strain by the strain training given by the app and the special strain tracker which tracks things like exercise, work, anxiety, running errands, etc in three different ways namely light strain, moderate strain, high strain, and overreaching.

The watch has a fast charging capacity along with crack resistance, dust resistance, and water resistance. This watch comes out in 2 dimensions. You get to access always on a retina display along with brighter and larger screens with each new version. It gives you high and low heart rate and irregular heart rate notifications. They can give emergency SOS and international emergency calling with the help of cellularity. Few of the latest versions have these useful features.


The Whoop straps are most accurate when worn on wrists or around chests. As the latest model of the strap comes with 4x more sensors the accuracy of stats has increased significantly.

Even though Apple watches are good at monitoring your health stats, a watch can never give accurate readings. These watches do not measure calorie loss accurately. But other than this Apple watches are a good option for monitoring your health.

Battery Life

The straps about 44 hours after a full charge.

The Apple watches run only 18 hours after a full charge.


The Whoop membership comes in three forms- Monthly costing $30/month, Annual membership for  $25/month, and a 24-month membership for $20/month.

The Apple Watch Series 7 costs from $399or $16.62/mo for 24 months. Apple has a huge variation in range as the price changes according to your choice of bands, cases, and the version that you are buying.

Comparison Table

FeaturesWhoopApple Watch
Basal Metabolic RateYesYes
Strain CoachingYesNo
Premium MembershipYesYes
ScreenNo Yes

Final Words

Both the gadgets are made for a certain reason. Apple watches cost a lot and can be something you don’t need if you don’t use watches for multi-tasking. On the other hand, Whoop needs a mandatory per-month subscription for it to work. Here, I have explained all the plus and minuses of the gadgets. You might as well look at the links for further information before buying any of both.

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