Whoop vs Amazon Halo: Which is Best for you?

I am back again, only to drag you into another of my gadget comparison spree. This time we will compare Whoop and Amazon Halo.

Since I am already done comparing Apple versus Whoop, I thought I might as well start comparing the fitness trackers and help you guys look for your best fitness tracker choice.

Both Whoop and Amazon Halo have gained a significant name in the industry. Which one should you buy? let’s find out.

Whoop Straps

This is a very powerful fitness tracker which does 24/7 tracking of your health along with strain & your recovery status and makes sure to give you a perfect overview of your all-over body condition from time to time. You can also wear this tracker 24/7 without feeling uncomfortable as it is made with Superknits to make your wrist feel comfortable. The tracker helps you train smarter, sleep better, and feel healthier.


  • It has haptic alarms to wake up in the morning.
  • It has five LEDs and four photodiodes to capture data accurately.
  • It tracks metrics 24/7.
  • You can explore 30- or 180-day health data trends in PDF.
  • The tracker test training for strain coaching along with sleep coaching and a behavioral journal.
  • It comes along with premium membership and gives recovery stat and in-depth sleep monitoring.

Pros & Cons

  • It tracks disturbances, efficiency, respiratory rate, and latency while asleep.
  • It gives you a stat about your recovery condition, and lets you know when you need to take a rest or where you can push yourself towards your goal.
  • It is an extremely comfortable strap.
  • You need monthly membership for the tracker to work.
  • It lacks built-in Alexa and you need to check your phone to see any calorie burning count, step count, and distance covered while working out as the tracker lacks any screen or voice assistance.

Amazon Halo

This is an amazing fitness tracker for daily health stats assisting. The tracker tracks your heart rate, activity points, sleep score, and on-demand oxygen level check. You can also watch all data in the Halo view color touch display. The tracker comes with exclusive membership just like that in Whoop, Though here you get to access some features without the need of paying monthly memberships. You can definitely get an exclusive membership to enjoy the vast variety of features this tracker has to provide you.


  • You can measure your quality and quantity of sleep, and discover many videos on daily meditation and recipes for a better help lifestyle in the Halo app.
  • The tracker is an Alexa-enabled device that tells you your health summary, activity score, sleep quality, and many more without you having to look at your phone.
  • You can receive calls and text notifications, start live workouts and get reminders via your tracker since it has built-in Alexa.
  • That provides movement assessment and personalized exercise programs to manage our goals and improve our movement.

Pros & Cons

  • The monthly membership price is affordable.
  • Has many personalized exercise programs.
  • Supports many sports modes.
  • The battery is not powerful enough for a fitness tracker.
  • Lacks strain coaching, and recovery tracking.

Whoop vs. Apple Watch 


Whoop is decreasing its size significantly to make it lightweight and easier for users to wear 24/7. It also has a very comfortable band which is super knit and helps the band sit on the skin well.

The Amazon Halo weighs 23g only and this lightweight feature makes carrying the watch extremely easy. The band is made with silicon which makes wearing it for a longer time easier and creates no infection.

Functionality/ Features

Whoop monitors, your need for sleep, strain, and recovery. The tracker tracks four sleep stages precisely REM, light, SWS, and awake. It brings stage into light sleep, room sleep, and deep sleep. The tracker measures your recovery and rates it into green, yellow, and red on a scale of 0 to 100%. It also tracks heart rate variability, RHR, and respiratory rate to calculate the recovery rate. Similarly, you get to know the amount of strain put on your body on a light, moderate, high and overreaching scale. The scale is from 1 to 21.

It provides hundreds of on-demand premium workshops from Orangetherapy, SWEAT, Aaptiv, etc. The system helps you in improving your health by giving you innovative tools, personalized data, and insights. It has features that count your body composition, nutrition that you intake, movement in your whole day, sleep monitoring, tone analysis, and activity of your body. The non-membership status provides limited workouts and programs. It counts steps, heart rate and live heart rate, calories burned, amount of nutrition intake, temperature, and other features.


Due to the number of photodiodes and LEDs, Whoop has a high-level accuracy.

Amazon claims its fat percentage feature to be clinically tested and highly accurate.

Battery Life

Whoop has a battery life of 44hrs.

The battery life of Amazon Halo is 7 days when the tone is disabled and 2 days when the tone is enabled.


The Whoop membership costs: 24 months membership costs $20/per mo, an annual membership costs $25 per month and the monthly membership costs $30 per month.

Amazon hello membership costs 3.99 dollars/month plus tax.

FeaturesAmazon HaloWhoop
Tone Analysis YesNo
Strain CoachingNoYes
In-Built AlexaYesNo

Few Last Words

As you have already read, either of the trackers has at least 1-2 special & unique features to itself.  If you buy the Amazon Halo, you’ll have a cool gadget with an in-built Alexa. On the other hand for Whoop it could be its strain coaching and recovery tracking. You should look for the membership ad the monthly expenses each of them bears. It’s better to get the one that you think is easier for you to maintain and also fulfills your purpose of buying a fitness tracker.

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