10 Best Budget Smartwatches under $50 in 2023

In this fast-paced modern world, we all tend and enjoy following the latest trends, be it fashion, habits, reels, gadgets, or smartwatches.

But sometimes following trends can cost highly. Smartwatches are one of the latest trends that comes with multiple cool and necessary features and a chargeable battery. Though smartwatches can be costly, it’s shouldn’t be a problem to back off from buying one.

Smartwatches in Your Budget

Since searching through the huge number of budget-friendly smartwatches can be tricky, we have listed the best budget smartwatches for you to make your search journey easier.

Huawei Band 6 – Go Bigger for Better

Rated 4.4 on Amazon.com, it is one of the best budget smartwatches under $50. It comes with the trendy cool 1.47-inch full view display. It has tagged a price of $62 along with it. Though, a piece of happy news for the readers is that you can get it at a discounted price of $48.72 on Amazon.com.

It has constant heart rate, sleep, and blood oxygen saturation monitoring with fast charging via a magnetic dock and 96 sport modes. It has a four-way touchscreen and comes with the ability to track the menstrual cycle. The other features that make your daily work easier are a music player, clicking photos, calls and messages accessibility, temperature, and weather. Satisfying its motto “Go Bigger for Better”, this watch has won the hearts of its users. 


  • It has a high resolution 194 x 368 display with 282 PPI
  • Female Cycle Tracker
  • 2-Week battery life after a single full charge.
  • TruSeen™ 4.0 heart rate monitoring technology.
  • The watch monitors your stress with TruRelax™ Stress Monitoring technology.
  • TruSeen™ 2.0 has the capability to detect deep & light sleep, REM and napping with 93.6% increased accuracy.

Pros & Cons

  • Budget-Friendly
  • All day SpO2 Tracker
  • Comes with a HUAWEI Health App.
  • Automatic brightness adjustment is absent.
  • Limited smartwatch apps.

Amazfit Bip S Lite – Moving with Lightness

Just like its tagline states “moving with lightness”, Amazefit Bip S Lite comes with a 30gm ultra-light body, transflective display, and also the power of a 200mAh battery that lasts for 30 days to keep you tension free of a switched-off watch in the middle of a work day. It takes the game forward by offering a 14 Indoor + Outdoor Sporting Mode. The 5ATM water resistance lets you swim while wearing the watch without any effect on it.

Rated 4.1 on Amazon.com, it comes at a discounted price of $39.99 only, the listed price being $49.99. Along with its classy, it brings you constant sleep and heart rate monitoring, music control, reminders, notifications, weather forecast, BT5.0/BLE Bluetooth connectivity, a health assessment system, and many more features you would love to use.


  • Huami – PAI Heath Assessment System present.
  • 316L Stainless Steel Button
  • 2.5D Corning Gorilla Third Generation tempered glass with anti-fingered coating.
  • Contains a 3 x Sensing area, 7 x Luminous testing with only 1/5 power consumption.
  • Has a PPG Optical sensor.

Pros & Cons

  • For both outdoor and indoor activities.
  • Comes in 3 colors.
  • App: Zepp App for tracking everyday activity.
  • Charging time is 2.5 hours only.
  • Disconnects with Bluetooth often.
  • The strap colors often fades away.

Xiaomi Mi Band 5 – Go Smart, Live More

With the smart, and chic look accompanied by its 6 different strap colors, it maintains its claim stating “Go smart, live more”. With a rating of 4.6 on Amazon.com, it comes with a 1.1-inch large dynamic color display with 65 dial themes and 50m water resistance, ensuring 0 damage for wearing it while continuing your favorite swimming styles.

It has a battery life of 14 days in use and 20 days in power-saving mode. Along with many indoor and outdoor exercise modes, it comes with 3 health modes, personal activity intelligence, stress, heart rate, and menstrual cycle monitoring. The set includes a magnetic charger and mi fit app to track your body progress. Pricing only $36.98 on Amazon and $45.99 at the Mi US store, this could be the perfect smartwatch for you to carry on your wrist with casual, party, and formalwear.


  • Dynamic Display + 20% approx. display area.
  • Fat-burning rowing machine mode.
  • Menstrual cycle tracker.
  • Magnetic charging.

Pros and Cons

  • Easy user interface.
  • Reliable workout tracking
  • The strap is not suitable for all users.

Realme watch 2 – Dare to Leap

With a 323 PPI high resolution and 600 nits high brightness, in a 1.4-inch large color touchscreen and the weight of a 38-gram, ultra-lightweight watch body on your wrist, allowing free and comfortable hand movement, the watch comes for $49.49 only. Rating 4.3 at Amazon.com.

It has a powerful 315mAh battery that supports magnetic charging and comes with a battery life of 12 days for a single charge. The other strong features include a pedometer, PPG sensor, 90 types of sports mode, fitness tracker, SpO2, heart rate, and sleep monitoring.

It is a good smartwatch to use when on a budget, and still avail the required latest features at a fair price.  


  • Smart ALOT Control is installed in the watch.
  • Fitness tracker is present.
  • 100+ Watch faces for variations.

Pros and Cons

  • Ultra – Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Real Me Link App for better tracking of body activities.
  • Auto- brightness adjustment is absent.
  • Bluetooth connectivity issues

WYZE Smartwatch 47mm, 44mm

This budget-friendly smart-watch has two different dimension options for the customers: 47mm and 44mm. It costs $39.98 only and has a 4.3 rating on Amazon.com. It consists of a 300mAh battery that provides a battery life of more than 9 days after one full charge.

With 2-meter water resistance and IP68 waterproof capability, the watch stays as good as new even after falling in water accidentally. With an additional Bluetooth facility and much more health monitoring features Wyze smartwatches have become one of the most popular smartwatch brands on Amazon. It has popular apps in it which include messaging, weather, and many more. Since one full charging time is 2.5 hours, the watch makes sure you never get delayed at your work charging your smartwatch.


  • 40 personalised faces.
  • Menstrual Cycle monitoring.
  • Charging time is 2.5 hours.

Pros & Cons

  • Battery runs long.
  • Large screen.
  • GPS is absent
  • Only tracks while workout is going on
  • Inaccurate calculations of pace.

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 – Go smart, live more

It is a full-color AMOLED touch display. Special features like 3 axis accelerometer, water resistance up to 50-meter, and a 3-axis gyroscope. It holds 4.5 stars on Amazon.com rating and costs $49.99 only.

 Having a battery life of up to 20 days, the watch monitors your sleep and heart rate constantly. It also tracks activity and swimming. The extra features include viewing calls, texts, and app notifications. An alarm facility is also present. If you want to have your daily body statistics on your phone you can connect to the Mi fit app and enjoy a full-screen view.


  • Idle alerts
  • Swim tracking
  • The sports mode mainly comprises power walking, cycling, battle ropes, and running.

Pros & Cons

  • Swim tracking.
  • Water resistance upto 50m.
  • Display is small.
  • Enough modes are not present.

UMIDIGI Uwatch GT- The Umidigi Flagship Sport Smartwatch

This budget-friendly watch is a combination of business and sports styles, creating a classic look with a dual crown aesthetic design. The tempered glass attached to it gives anti-scratch durability, and water and dust resistance which helps in tracking body activity while swimming as it has it is 50-meter water resistance. This watch has a 5.0 Bluetooth connection.

 The battery life is off 10 to 15 days as it is made with advanced lower chipsets which support 24-hour detection of sleep, calories, heart rate, detection, and optical sensors. It has 12 sports modes that let you do the type of workout you wish to. Special features include SMS, weather & forecast, and emails. It comes in two colors and has a 4 rating on Amazon.com. You can buy this watch from the website for $39.99only. The minimal watch requirements for it to connect with iPhone or Android are IOS 9.0 and Android 4.4 respectively.


  • Smart tracking let’s the watch identify the type of workout being done by the user automatically.
  • Continuous heart rate monitoring.
  • This watch has a 1.3-inch TFT color screen.

Pros & Cons

  • Dust proof.
  • Stops water penetration.
  • No OLED display.
  • No detection of blood oxygen levels.

Haylou RS4 Smartwatch – Beauty on Your Wrist

Though this watch costs $49.99 only, it has an amazing rating of 4.1 and very good user feedback on Amazon and other e-commerce platforms. It has a beautiful look with 1.78-inch AMOLED HD large display.

Along with all the regular features like oxygen saturation, heart rate, and sleep monitoring, it also comes with an exquisite metal bezel splendid look, weighing only 48.6 grams along with a silicone strap that reduces pressure on wrists and helps in easy wrist movement.

The fast response given is a special feature. The battery supports up to 20 days, allowing calories & steps counting and breathing training with notifications regarding weather, messages & reminders, and music controls with an additional feature of finding my phone. This is an amazing product for its price, you can also look up to RT2 and the other watches of this brand.


  • Accompanied by a 230 mAh battery.
  • 12 – sporting mode.
  • IP68 waterproof
  • Bluetooth version: BT v5.1

Pros & Cons

  • Made for sports.
  • Excellent look.
  • Good battery life.
  • Using time after a charge is only 5-7 days.

Willful SW021 – Free as you wish

Other than the above-mentioned watches which are mentioned before, you can also get Willful watches like the W-021 model or the other W0 series, though they are of a bit older version. You still get the most necessary features in the watch. The watch is widely accepted by customers. This watch costs $24.89 only.

The watch has a 2.5 D strong and durable tempered glass. The battery has the power to stand by for 35 days, and 10 days when used regularly. It has a friendly user interface. It has four color variations. It also has features like text, calendar, and alarm and notification.


  • 1.3-inch TFT-LCD touch screen is present.
  • 9 exercise modes.
  • Supports Bluetooth 5.0
  • Comes with a music controller

Pros & Cons

  • Built with best raw materials.
  • It has an excellent touch screen for rough handling.
  • Number of features are less.

Letsfit IW1 – Advanced Health and Fitness Tracking

Let’sfit IW1 has a positive review among its users: it being worth the price, as stated by them. It is meant mainly for health and fitness. It has real-time oxygen saturation monitoring system, and sleep and heart rate monitoring system. Along with a smart notification system, it supports 14 sports modes, consisting of both indoor and outdoor, and can satisfy your workout needs by providing data graphs. To increase its smart looks it comes in six colors. The watch costs $39.99 at a discounted price.


  • Takes only 2 hours to charge.
  • 30 days of battery stand by.
  • IP68 Waterproof
  • Smart notification

Pros & Cons

  • Weights only 34 grams.
  • Has a TPU strap with stainless steel buckle.
  • Less features
  • Body is available in 1 color only

Donerton Smartwatch – P32

As the last watch of the under $50 list, Donerton has received a 4-star from its customers on Amazon. It costs $42.99 only. It has a huge display of a 1.69-inches touchscreen. GPS and a pedometer are added to this watch for the user’s convenience. Battery life is of 7 days. It has 24 sports modes. You can also avail yourself of it on other websites. It has an IP67 waterproof system. Though here, you need to be aware of one thing before you use your money on it: It cannot track your swimming data but it can resist water splashes, raindrops, and sweat.


  • Resistant to sweat, water splashes and raindrops.
  • Huge display for easier view.

Pros & Cons

  • Budged friendly watch.
  • IP67 Waterproof
  • Too less features.
  • Battery life is short.
  • Can not be used while swimming.


Do I get warranty cards with Smartwatch?

Yes, most manufacturers provide a 1 year warranty card within the pack.

What if I lose the charger? Can I get a new one?

For most of the brands, you can look for the magnetic docks on their websites.

Is a Smartwatch worth the money?

If you make use of the Smartwatches’ features to full extent, then yes.

Does the glass on the Smartwatch break/scratch?

It depends upon what kind of tempered glass has been used to cover the glass. You can know more about it from the websites before you buy one.

Do I need to attach a SIM card to my Smartwatch?

No, a SIM Card is not needed for smartwatches to work as smartwatch are connected to phones.

Few Last Words

What smartwatch you want to buy depends on your needs and the features you want in it.

Whether it should be sports-oriented, work-oriented, or fashion. Not all smartwatches present in the list have the same features. You could study more about these smartwatches before buying them, to be sure it’ll be worth the money you spend on them.  Hope your journey of finding the right smartwatch for yourself is smooth and easy.

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