10 Best Plastic Chair Brands in India

10 Best Plastic Chair Brands in India

Plastic chairs are a staple in many Indian households, offices, and public spaces due to their affordability, durability, and ease of maintenance. The versatility and wide range of designs make them suitable for various settings. In India’s ever-growing furniture market, numerous brands offer quality plastic chairs that cater to different needs and preferences. This article highlights the 10 best plastic chair brands in India, focusing on their quality, design, and functionality.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Plastic Chair Brand: Selecting the right brand is crucial as it ensures durability, comfort, and value for money. Good quality plastic chairs can withstand regular use and varying weather conditions, making them a long-lasting addition to your space.

Comparison Table of Best Plastic Chair Brands in India

BrandDurabilityPrice RangeDesign OptionsIdeal For
NilkamalHighAffordable to PremiumWide range, various stylesVersatile use, both indoor and outdoor
SupremeHighModerateErgonomic, colorful designsHome use, comfortable seating
CelloModerate to HighAffordableBasic to stylish designsBudget-friendly, everyday use
VarmoraHighModerate to PremiumTrendy, contemporary stylesModern homes, stylish interiors
IkeaModerate to HighModerate to PremiumMinimalistic, functionalMinimalist decor, modern spaces
ITC Moulded FurnitureModerateAffordableFunctional, sturdy designsFunctional spaces, heavy usage
@home by NilkamalHighModerate to PremiumModern, stylishContemporary homes, designer looks
Avro FurnitureModerate to HighAffordableVibrant colors, ergonomicColorful interiors, comfortable seating
Usha ShriramModerate to HighModerateInnovative, ergonomic designsComfort and innovation seekers
Prima PlasticsModerateAffordableWide variety, durableAffordable choices, varied needs

10 Best Plastic Chair Brands in India:

1. Nilkamal:

Description: Nilkamal is one of India’s leading furniture brands, known for its durable and stylish plastic chairs.

Features: Offers a wide range of designs, from basic models to premium ones, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Why Choose: Ideal for those seeking reliability and a variety of design options.

2. Supreme:

Description: Supreme is renowned for its high-quality plastic furniture, offering a blend of comfort and durability.

Features: Known for ergonomic designs and a wide color range.

Why Choose: Perfect for consumers looking for comfortable and long-lasting plastic chairs.

3. Cello:

Description: Cello offers an extensive range of plastic chairs that are popular for their quality and affordability.

Features: Provides lightweight, sturdy, and aesthetically pleasing designs.

Why Choose: Great for budget-conscious buyers seeking quality and style.

4. Varmora:

Description: Varmora is known for its innovative and modern plastic furniture, catering to contemporary tastes.

Features: Offers trendy designs with a focus on comfort and style.

Why Choose: Suitable for those who prefer modern and stylish plastic chairs.

5. Ikea:

Description: The global furniture giant, Ikea, offers a range of plastic chairs that are minimalistic and functional.

Features: Known for their sleek designs and easy-to-assemble models.

Why Choose: Best for those who love minimalistic and functional furniture.

6. ITC Moulded Furniture:

Description: ITC is a popular brand in the plastic furniture segment, offering durable and affordable chairs.

Features: Provides a wide variety of sturdy and functional plastic chairs.

Why Choose: Ideal for those seeking functional and budget-friendly options.

7. @home by Nilkamal:

Description: A sub-brand of Nilkamal, @home offers trendy and contemporary plastic chair designs.

Features: Focuses on modern designs that suit urban interiors.

Why Choose: Suitable for those looking for stylish and modern plastic furniture.

8. Avro Furniture:

Description: Avro Furniture is known for its quality plastic chairs that offer both comfort and style.

Features: Offers a range of ergonomic designs in vibrant colors.

Why Choose: Great for those wanting a combination of comfort and aesthetics.

9. Usha Shriram:

Description: Usha Shriram offers a variety of plastic chairs known for their quality and innovative designs.

Features: Provides durable chairs with a focus on ergonomic comfort and contemporary styles.

Why Choose: Best for consumers seeking innovative design and comfort in plastic furniture.

10. Prima Plastics:

Description: Prima Plastics is recognized for its wide range of affordable and durable plastic chairs.

Features: Known for its varied designs, catering to both household and commercial needs.

Why Choose: Ideal for customers looking for a mix of affordability, durability, and variety.


In India, the choice of a plastic chair brand can significantly impact the comfort, aesthetics, and durability of your furniture. Whether you’re outfitting a home, office, or commercial space, these top 10 brands offer a range of options that combine functionality with style. From the stylish and contemporary designs of Varmora and @home by Nilkamal to the affordability and reliability of Cello and Supreme, there’s a brand that caters to every need and preference, ensuring that your choice in plastic furniture is both practical and pleasing to the eye.

FAQs on Best Plastic Chair Brands in India

  1. What factors should I consider when buying a plastic chair?
    • Consider durability, design, weight capacity, comfort, and whether the chair is suitable for indoor or outdoor use.
  2. Are plastic chairs durable?
    • High-quality plastic chairs are quite durable and can withstand regular use and varying weather conditions.
  3. Can plastic chairs be recycled?
    • Yes, many plastic chairs are recyclable, depending on the type of plastic used.
  4. How do I clean and maintain plastic chairs?
    • Plastic chairs can be easily cleaned with soap and water. Avoid using abrasive cleaners which can scratch the surface.
  5. Are there ergonomic plastic chairs available?
    • Brands like Supreme and Varmora offer ergonomic designs that provide better comfort and support.
  6. Can plastic chairs be used outdoors?
    • Many plastic chairs are designed for both indoor and outdoor use, but check the product specifications for suitability.
  7. Are there environmentally friendly plastic chair options?
    • Some brands offer chairs made from eco-friendly or recycled materials.
  8. What is the typical price range for a good quality plastic chair?
    • The price can vary greatly depending on the brand and design, ranging from affordable to premium.
  9. Do plastic chairs come with a warranty?
    • Some brands offer warranties on their chairs; check with the manufacturer for details.
  10. Can I find stackable plastic chairs?
    • Many plastic chairs are designed to be stackable for easy storage.
  11. Are there plastic chairs suitable for children?
    • Yes, several brands offer smaller chairs designed specifically for children.
  12. How much weight can a plastic chair hold?
    • The weight capacity varies by design; always check the manufacturer’s specifications.
  13. Are there designer plastic chairs available in India?
    • Brands like Ikea and @home by Nilkamal offer designer plastic chairs that are stylish and modern.
  14. Do these brands offer a variety of colors in plastic chairs?
    • Yes, brands like Avro Furniture and Supreme offer chairs in a range of colors.
  15. How can I ensure the plastic chair I buy is of good quality?
    • Look for reputable brands, check for certifications, and read customer reviews for insights on quality.

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