7 Best Bra Brands in India

7 Best Bra Brands in India

In India, the choice of a bra is not just about fashion or comfort; it’s also about confidence and personal expression. The market offers a plethora of brands that cater to diverse needs, from everyday wear to special occasions, covering all sizes and preferences. This article highlights seven of the best bra brands in India, delving into their unique offerings, quality, and range.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Bra Brand: Selecting the right bra brand is crucial for comfort, support, and health. A good bra not only enhances one’s outfit but also provides necessary support, preventing various health issues.

Comparison Table of Best Bra Brands in India

BrandSpecialtyPrice RangeFeaturesIdeal For
ZivameWide Size RangeModerateInclusive sizing, varied stylesAll body types, diverse styles
JockeyEveryday ComfortAffordableSoft fabric, durableDaily wear, comfort seekers
AmantePremium QualityModerateStylish designs, good supportFashionable, quality-conscious
EnamorFashionableModerateTrendy designs, ergonomic fitStyle and comfort balance
CloviaYouthful DesignsAffordableTrendy styles, playful designsYoung, fashion-forward buyers
TriumphLuxuriousPremiumHigh-quality fabric, luxurious fitPremium, luxurious comfort
PrettySecretsAffordable FashionAffordableFun prints, vibrant colorsAffordable, stylish options

1. Zivame:

  • Description: Zivame has revolutionized the Indian lingerie market with its wide range of bras designed for every Indian woman. Known for their innovation, Zivame offers bras in various styles, sizes, and colors, catering to every need.
  • Features: The brand is renowned for its fit and extensive size chart, which includes options for plus sizes. Zivame’s offerings range from daily wear, sports bras, to maternity and nursing bras. Their products are designed with attention to detail, ensuring comfort and style. The brand’s Perfect Fit promise is a testament to their commitment to meeting the needs of every woman.
  • Why Choose: Zivame is ideal for those who are looking for variety and inclusivity in size and style. Their user-friendly online platform provides a discreet and informative shopping experience, making it a go-to brand for many Indian women.

2. Jockey:

  • Description: Jockey, an international brand well-established in India, is synonymous with comfort and quality. Their bras are designed for daily wear, focusing on functionality and comfort.
  • Features: Jockey bras are known for their soft fabric, durable quality, and comfortable fit. They offer a range of options including padded, non-padded, wired, and wire-free designs. Jockey is particularly noted for its cotton bras, which are ideal for the hot and humid Indian climate. Their products are a blend of classic styles and modern functionality, making them suitable for all ages.
  • Why Choose: Jockey is perfect for those who prioritize comfort in their daily wear. Its reputation for quality and comfort makes it a reliable choice for everyday lingerie needs.

3. Amante:

  • Description: Amante, an Indian brand with an international appeal, offers premium lingerie designed specifically for the South Asian woman. The brand stands out for its quality, style, and fit.
  • Features: Amante offers a wide range of bras, from everyday essentials to luxury collections. Their products are crafted with high-quality fabrics and offer features like seamless cups, side shapers, and full coverage options. The brand also offers a variety of sizes, including options for larger busts. Amante bras are known for their fashionable designs, vibrant colors, and patterns, making them a popular choice among younger consumers.
  • Why Choose: Amante is an excellent choice for those looking for a blend of fashion, comfort, and quality. Their range caters to both functional and aesthetic needs, making them a favorite among modern women.

4. Enamor:

  • Description: Enamor is a brand that celebrates femininity with its range of comfortable and stylish bras. The brand is known for its blend of fashion and functionality, catering to the modern Indian woman.
  • Features: Enamor offers an array of styles including sports bras, push-up bras, and full-coverage bras. Their products are designed with features like soft fabrics, detachable straps, and molded cups to enhance the wearing experience. Enamor’s bras are crafted keeping in mind the diverse body types and preferences of Indian women. The brand also emphasizes on providing bras that offer adequate support and lift, without compromising on style.
  • Why Choose: Enamor is ideal for those who are looking for bras that are both functional and fashionable. Their focus on fit and comfort, combined with contemporary designs, makes them a preferred choice for everyday wear.

5. Clovia:

  • Description: Clovia is a rapidly growing Indian lingerie brand, known for its trendy designs and affordable prices. The brand offers a youthful and vibrant collection of bras catering to the fashion-forward woman.
  • Features: Clovia’s range includes a variety of styles such as balconette bras, plunge bras, and bralettes. The brand is particularly noted for its playful designs, bold prints, and bright colors. Clovia also offers bras with unique features like front open, transparent straps, and backless options, catering to specific wardrobe needs. Their bras are made with breathable fabrics and have features like soft paddings and adjustable straps for added comfort. The brand also focuses on providing size inclusivity, ensuring there’s something for every body type.
  • Why Choose: Clovia is perfect for those who are looking for contemporary and chic designs at an affordable price. Its vibrant and youthful collection is appealing for its fashion quotient and practicality.

6. Triumph:

  • Description: Triumph is an internationally acclaimed brand known for its exceptional quality and luxurious designs. In India, Triumph has made its mark with its wide range of high-quality bras that blend comfort with elegance.
  • Features: Triumph bras are crafted with superior fabrics and offer excellent fit and support. The brand provides a diverse range of options, including minimizer bras, t-shirt bras, and lace bras. Triumph is especially renowned for its innovative designs like the ‘Magic Wire’ bra, which offers the support of a wire without the discomfort. Their products are a perfect blend of functionality, comfort, and luxury.
  • Why Choose: Triumph is an excellent choice for those who are looking for premium quality and sophisticated designs. The brand is ideal for women who value luxury and comfort in their lingerie.

7. PrettySecrets:

  • Description: PrettySecrets is a young and vibrant brand that has quickly become popular among Indian women for its trendy and playful designs.
  • Features: PrettySecrets offers a wide range of bras including push-up bras, sports bras, and lace bras. The brand is known for its bright and attractive designs, soft fabrics, and affordable prices. PrettySecrets focuses on creating bras that are not only fashionable but also comfortable and supportive. Their collection often features fun prints, bold colors, and trendy designs, catering to a young demographic.
  • Why Choose: PrettySecrets is suitable for those who are looking for fun, fashionable, and affordable lingerie. The brand is particularly appealing to younger women who want to add a splash of style to their lingerie collection.


The Indian lingerie market offers a diverse array of options to cater to the varied preferences of Indian women. From the everyday comfort of Jockey and Amante to the luxurious offerings of Triumph, and the trendy styles of Clovia and PrettySecrets, there is a brand for every need. These seven brands stand out for their quality, range of styles, and commitment to catering to the unique needs of Indian women, ensuring that every woman finds her perfect fit and style.

FAQs on Best Bra Brands in India

  1. How do I determine the right bra size for me?
    • Measure your bust and underbust sizes and use the brand’s size chart to find the appropriate size.
  2. Can bras affect breast health?
    • Yes, wearing ill-fitting bras can lead to discomfort and health issues. It’s important to choose bras that offer proper support.
  3. Are underwired bras safe to wear?
    • Underwired bras are safe if they fit well. Ensure the wire doesn’t dig into the skin and the bra is the correct size.
  4. What’s the difference between padded and non-padded bras?
    • Padded bras have foam or similar material in the cups for shape and size enhancement, while non-padded bras do not.
  5. How often should I replace my bras?
    • Typically, bras should be replaced every 6 to 12 months, depending on their condition and usage.
  6. Are sports bras only for exercising?
    • While designed for physical activity, sports bras can also be worn for everyday comfort due to their support and snug fit.
  7. What are the benefits of wearing a bralette?
    • Bralettes are usually more comfortable, offer light support, and can be styled as outerwear.
  8. Can I machine wash my bras?
    • It’s best to hand wash bras, but if machine washing, use a gentle cycle and a lingerie bag.
  9. What is a minimizer bra?
    • A minimizer bra is designed to visually reduce the bust size and offer a smooth silhouette under clothes.
  10. How important is the material of a bra?
    • The material can impact comfort, breathability, and suitability for different occasions or weather conditions.
  11. What should I look for in a maternity bra?
    • Look for non-wired, stretchable, and supportive bras with adjustable straps and extra hooks.
  12. Are there bras available for post-surgery wear?
    • Yes, post-surgery bras are designed for comfort and support after breast surgery.
  13. What are convertible bras?
    • Convertible bras have detachable straps that can be rearranged for different styles of outfits.
  14. Is it necessary to wear a different bra for different outfits?
    • Yes, different outfits may require different types of bras for the best look and support.

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