10 Best Sugar Brands in India

10 Best Sugar Brands in India

Sugar is an essential ingredient in the Indian kitchen, used in a wide array of dishes, from sweets to beverages. In India, where sugar consumption is significant, the market is replete with various brands offering different types of sugar, including white, brown, and organic. This article delves into the 10 best sugar brands in India, focusing on their quality, type, and distinct characteristics.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Sugar Brand: Choosing the right sugar brand is crucial not only for taste but also for health considerations. With the rising awareness of health issues related to sugar, many brands now offer healthier alternatives like organic and unrefined sugars.

Comparison Table of Best Sugar Brands in India

BrandType of Sugar OfferedPrice RangeSpecial FeaturesIdeal For
DhampureOrganic, UnrefinedPremiumNatural processing, nutritiousHealth-conscious consumers
Parry’sWhite, Organic, BrownModeratePurity, varietyGeneral cooking, health-focused
Shree Renuka SugarsRefinedAffordableConsistent qualityEveryday use
Bajaj Hindusthan Sugar Ltd.RefinedModeratePremium qualityCommercial and household use
Balrampur Chini Mills Ltd.RefinedAffordableSustainable practicesEnvironmentally conscious buyers
Dalmia Bharat SugarRefinedModerateHigh-quality, reliableGeneral household use
Mawana SugarsFine GranulatedAffordableFine quality, versatileBaking, cooking
E.I.D Parry (India) Ltd.Organic, WhitePremiumOrganic options, high-qualityOrganic food enthusiasts
Simbhaoli Sugars Ltd.RefinedModeratePurity, innovationPremium cooking needs
Triveni Engineering & Industries Ltd.RefinedAffordableWide availability, reliabilityLarge scale and domestic use

10 Best Sugar Brands in India:

1. Dhampure:

Description: Dhampure is known for its high-quality, organic sugar, which is processed in a natural way to retain nutritional value.

Features: Offers organic and unrefined sugars, which are healthier alternatives to regular white sugar.

Why Choose: Ideal for health-conscious consumers looking for organic sugar options.

2. Parry’s:

Description: Parry’s is one of the oldest and most trusted brands in India, known for its pure and hygienically processed sugar.

Features: Offers a range of products including white refined sugar, organic sugar, and brown sugar.

Why Choose: Perfect for those who value purity and a brand with a long-standing reputation.

3. Shree Renuka Sugars:

Description: A global agribusiness and bio-energy corporation, they offer high-quality sugar that’s widely used across India.

Features: Known for its refined sugar that’s consistent in quality and taste.

Why Choose: Suitable for everyday use in households and commercial establishments.

4. Bajaj Hindusthan Sugar Ltd.:

Description: As one of India’s largest sugar producers, Bajaj Hindusthan offers premium quality sugar, catering to various consumer needs.

Features: Provides refined, granulated sugar known for its purity and sweetness.

Why Choose: Best for consumers looking for high-quality sugar from a major producer.

5. Balrampur Chini Mills Ltd.:

Description: This company is known for its sustainable practices in sugar production, offering a range of sugar products.

Features: Offers refined sugar that is produced with an emphasis on environmental sustainability.

Why Choose: Ideal for environmentally conscious consumers who prioritize sustainable practices.

6. Dalmia Bharat Sugar and Industries Ltd.:

Description: A significant player in the sugar industry, Dalmia Bharat Sugar offers quality sugar products across India.

Features: Known for its refined sugar, which is a staple in many Indian households.

Why Choose: Suitable for those who prefer sugar from a well-established and reputable brand.

7. Mawana Sugars:

Description: Mawana Sugars is renowned for its fine granulated sugar, which is a popular choice in Indian kitchens.

Features: Offers finely processed sugar, known for its quality and taste.

Why Choose: Great for everyday cooking and baking needs.

8. E.I.D Parry (India) Ltd.:

Description: Part of the Murugappa Group, E.I.D Parry is known for its high-quality sugar, including organic options.

Features: Offers a range of sugars, including white and organic varieties.

Why Choose: Best for consumers looking for organic sugar options.

9. Simbhaoli Sugars Ltd.:

Description: Known for innovation in sugar processing, Simbhaoli Sugars offers premium quality sugar products.

Features: Provides refined sugar that is known for its purity and high quality.

Why Choose: Suitable for those seeking innovative and high-quality sugar products.

10. Triveni Engineering & Industries Ltd.:

Description: A major player in the sugar industry, Triveni Engineering offers high-quality sugar, catering to a wide market.

Features: Known for its refined sugar that’s popular in both domestic and commercial markets.

Why Choose: Ideal for consumers and businesses looking for reliable and high-quality sugar for various applications.


In India, where sugar is an integral part of the culinary landscape, choosing the right brand is key to achieving the desired taste and quality in dishes. From traditional white sugar to healthier alternatives like organic and unrefined sugars, these top 10 brands cater to a diverse range of preferences and needs. Whether it’s for sweetening your morning tea, preparing desserts, or for industrial purposes, these brands stand out for their commitment to quality, purity, and in some cases, sustainable practices. By selecting one of these trusted brands, consumers can ensure that they are using a product that not only enhances the flavor of their food but also aligns with their health and environmental considerations.

FAQs on Best Sugar Brands in India

  1. What is the difference between white sugar and brown sugar?
    • White sugar is refined and lacks molasses, while brown sugar contains molasses, giving it a distinct flavor and color.
  2. Are there any health benefits to using organic sugar?
    • Organic sugar is produced without synthetic pesticides and chemicals, making it a healthier choice for some consumers.
  3. Can I use brown sugar as a substitute for white sugar in recipes?
    • Yes, brown sugar can often be substituted for white sugar, but it may alter the flavor and texture of the dish slightly.
  4. What is refined sugar?
    • Refined sugar is processed to remove impurities and molasses, resulting in pure, white crystals.
  5. How do I store sugar to keep it fresh?
    • Store sugar in an airtight container in a cool, dry place to prevent clumping and to maintain freshness.
  6. What is granulated sugar?
    • Granulated sugar is a type of refined sugar with medium-sized crystals, commonly used in baking and cooking.
  7. Can diabetics consume sugar from these brands?
    • Diabetics should consume sugar cautiously and consider alternatives like stevia or low-glycemic options.
  8. Are there any sugar brands that offer low-calorie options?
    • Some brands offer sugar blends with low-calorie sweeteners for health-conscious consumers.
  9. What is the shelf life of sugar?
    • Sugar has an indefinite shelf life when stored properly, as it does not support microbial growth.
  10. How is organic sugar different from regular sugar?
    • Organic sugar is made from organically grown sugarcane and is processed without synthetic chemicals and pesticides.
  11. Can I find flavored sugar in these brands?
    • Some brands may offer flavored sugars like vanilla or cinnamon sugar, used in specific recipes.
  12. What should I look for in a good quality sugar?
    • Look for purity, crystal size, and absence of impurities or additives.
  13. Is powdered sugar available from these brands?
    • Many of these brands offer powdered sugar, which is granulated sugar ground into a fine powder.
  14. Are there sustainable and eco-friendly sugar options?
    • Brands like 24 Mantra Organic and E.I.D Parry offer sustainable and eco-friendly sugar options.
  15. How does the choice of sugar affect baking?
    • Different types of sugar can affect the texture, color, and moisture content of baked goods.

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