10 Best Mustard Oil Brands in India For Cooking

10 Best Mustard Oil Brands in India For Cooking

Introduction: Mustard oil, with its distinct flavor and numerous health benefits, is a staple in many Indian kitchens. It’s known for its versatility in cooking, from frying and sautéing to being an integral part of pickling. With a range of brands available in the Indian market, each offering different qualities of mustard oil, it’s essential to choose the right one for your cooking needs. This article will explore the 10 best mustard oil brands in India, focusing on their quality, purity, and flavor profile.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Mustard Oil Brand: Selecting a high-quality mustard oil brand is crucial for health reasons and to ensure the best flavor in your cooking. Pure mustard oil offers a unique pungency and aroma that can significantly enhance the taste of various dishes. Additionally, it’s important to ensure the oil is extracted and processed in a way that retains its nutritional benefits.

Comparison Table of Best Mustard Oil Brands in India

BrandQualityPrice RangeSuitable ForSpecial Features
FortuneHighModerateEveryday CookingPure, Authentic Taste
PatanjaliHighAffordableAyurvedic CookingCold-Pressed, Organic
EmamiHighModerateTraditional Indian DishesRich Aroma, Quality
Engine BrandHighModeratePicklingIdeal for Pickling, Strong Flavor
DharaHighModerateDiverse Indian CookingVersatile, Consistent Quality
Pure & SureHighPremiumOrganic Cooking100% Organic, Cold-Pressed
AnupamHighAffordableFrying & GrillingPure, High Quality
Nature FreshHighModerateHealth-Conscious CookingNatural, Nutrient-Rich
SafalHighAffordableLight-Flavored DishesLight, Subtle Flavor
KTCHighModerateInternational & Indian CookingBalanced Flavor, Versatile Use

10 Best Mustard Oil Brands in India:

1. Fortune:

Description: Fortune is a well-known brand in Indian households, offering a range of cooking oils, including high-quality mustard oil.

Features: Fortune’s mustard oil is known for its purity and authentic taste. It’s processed with care to retain the natural properties and flavor of mustard.

Why Choose: Ideal for those who prefer a trusted brand for their everyday cooking needs, ensuring both flavor and quality.

2. Patanjali:

Description: Patanjali has gained popularity for its range of natural and Ayurvedic products, including pure mustard oil.

Features: Their mustard oil is cold-pressed, ensuring the oil retains its natural nutrients and flavor. It’s free from additives and preservatives.

Why Choose: Perfect for health-conscious individuals looking for a natural and pure mustard oil.

3. Emami:

Description: Emami is another popular brand in India, known for its range of health and cooking products.

Features: Emami’s mustard oil is praised for its rich aroma and taste. It’s manufactured with high-quality mustard seeds and is ideal for various cooking styles.

Why Choose: Suitable for those who want a mustard oil that enhances the flavor of their dishes with a rich aroma.

4. Engine Brand:

Description: Engine Brand mustard oil is renowned for its traditional processing methods and quality.

Features: This brand offers Kachi Ghani mustard oil, known for its strong flavor and health benefits. It’s often the choice for pickling and traditional Indian cooking.

Why Choose: Engine Brand is ideal for traditional cooking enthusiasts who prefer robust flavors and authenticity.

5. Dhara:

Description: Dhara is a household name in India, offering a variety of cooking oils, including mustard oil.

Features: Dhara’s mustard oil is known for its consistency in quality and taste. It’s a versatile oil suitable for all types of Indian cooking.

Why Choose: Great for families looking for a reliable and versatile mustard oil for daily use.

6. Pure & Sure:

Description: Pure & Sure offers organic products, with their mustard oil being a popular choice for organic cooking enthusiasts.

Features: Their mustard oil is 100% organic and cold-pressed, ensuring maximum nutrition and purity. It’s free from any chemicals and preservatives.

Why Choose: Ideal for those who prefer organic products and want to ensure the highest quality in their cooking ingredients.

7. Anupam:

Description: Anupam is a lesser-known brand but has gained a reputation for its high-quality mustard oil.

Features: They offer pure mustard oil with a strong flavor profile, suitable for frying and grilling. It’s processed to retain the natural qualities of mustard.

Why Choose: Anupam is suitable for those looking for a quality product from a smaller, yet reliable brand.

8. Nature Fresh:

Description: Nature Fresh offers a range of natural cooking oils, with their mustard oil being favored for its purity.

Features: Nature Fresh mustard oil is processed to retain the natural antioxidants and nutrients found in mustard seeds. It’s known for its distinct flavor and health benefits.

Why Choose: Perfect for health-conscious individuals who don’t want to compromise on taste and quality.

9. Safal:

Description: Safal is known for its quality food products, and their mustard oil upholds this reputation.

Features: Safal’s mustard oil is light and has a subtle flavor, making it suitable for a variety of cuisines. It’s processed to maintain its natural properties.

Why Choose: Safal is ideal for those who prefer a lighter mustard oil without an overpowering taste.

10. KTC:

Description: KTC is known for its range of cooking oils, with their mustard oil being a popular choice among Indian and international cuisines.

Features: KTC’s mustard oil has a balanced flavor and aroma, making it suitable for both Indian and Western cooking styles. It’s versatile and can be used in a variety of dishes.

Why Choose: KTC is perfect for those who enjoy experimenting with different cuisines and want a versatile mustard oil.


In India, the choice of mustard oil brand can significantly influence the taste and nutritional value of your dishes. From traditional brands like Fortune and Emami to organic options like Pure & Sure, there is a mustard oil brand to suit every preference and cooking style. These brands not only promise flavor and aroma but also assure quality and health benefits, making them essential in any Indian kitchen.

FAQs on Best Mustard Oil Brands in India For Cooking

  1. What are the health benefits of using mustard oil in cooking?
    • Mustard oil is rich in monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, which are beneficial for heart health. It also has anti-inflammatory properties and is known to improve digestion.
  2. How can I identify high-quality mustard oil?
    • High-quality mustard oil should be pure, have a strong aroma, and a pungent taste. Look for cold-pressed varieties and check for certifications or quality marks on the packaging.
  3. Are there organic mustard oil options available in India?
    • Yes, brands like Patanjali and Pure & Sure offer organic mustard oil, which is free from chemicals and pesticides.
  4. Is mustard oil suitable for deep frying?
    • Yes, mustard oil has a high smoking point, making it suitable for deep frying without breaking down into harmful compounds.
  5. Do different mustard oil brands vary in flavor?
    • Yes, the flavor of mustard oil can vary depending on the brand and the type of mustard seeds used. Some may have a more pungent flavor than others.
  6. What’s the best way to store mustard oil?
    • Mustard oil should be stored in a cool, dark place to preserve its flavor and nutritional properties. Avoid direct sunlight and heat.
  7. Can mustard oil be used in various Indian recipes?
    • Absolutely, mustard oil is versatile and can be used in a variety of Indian recipes, from curries to stir-fries and pickles.
  8. Do mustard oil brands contain preservatives?
    • Most high-quality mustard oil brands offer pure oil without preservatives. Always read the label to confirm.
  9. How does cold-pressed mustard oil differ from regular mustard oil?
    • Cold-pressed mustard oil is extracted at lower temperatures, retaining more nutrients and flavor compared to regular mustard oil.
  10. Can mustard oil be used for baking?
    • While not common, mustard oil can be used in baking for its unique flavor, especially in savory baked goods.
  11. Is mustard oil a good choice for those with cholesterol issues?
    • Mustard oil contains a balance of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which can be beneficial for managing cholesterol levels.
  12. Can I use mustard oil for salad dressings?
    • Yes, its pungent flavor can add a unique twist to salad dressings, especially in Indian-style salads.
  13. How do I identify pure mustard oil?
    • Pure mustard oil will have a strong aroma, pungent taste, and clear appearance. Check for purity certifications on the label.
  14. Are there specific mustard oils for pickling?
    • Brands like Engine Brand are known for their suitability for pickling, offering the strong flavor that pickles require.
  15. Is mustard oil suitable for people with allergies?
    • Mustard oil is generally safe, but those with specific allergies should check for any reactions and consult with a healthcare provider.

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