10 Best Belt Brands in India

10 Best Belt Brands in India

Belts are a vital accessory in both men’s and women’s wardrobes, serving both functional and fashion purposes. In India, where fashion and functionality often go hand in hand, the market for belts is extensive, with a multitude of brands offering various styles, materials, and designs. This article will explore the 10 best belt brands in India, highlighting their distinct characteristics, quality, and range.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Belt Brand: Selecting the right belt is about more than just holding up your trousers; it’s also a style statement. The best belt brands offer durability, quality materials, and a range of designs to complement different outfits and occasions.

Comparison Table of Best Belt Brands in India

BrandMaterial QualityPrice RangeStyle VarietyIdeal For
Levi’sHighModerateClassic, ruggedEveryday wear, durability
Tommy HilfigerHighPremiumStylish, luxuryFashion-forward individuals
WoodlandHighModerateRugged, durableOutdoor, casual wear
Van HeusenModerateAffordableSleek, versatileFormal, office wear
HidesignHighPremiumHandcrafted, uniqueEco-conscious consumers
Peter EnglandModerateAffordableModern, variedBudget-friendly, style
Allen SollyModerateModerateContemporary, vibrantYoung professionals
Louis PhilippeHighPremiumElegant, sophisticatedFormal, luxury seekers
WranglerHighModerateClassic, American styleCasual, durable wear
FastrackModerateAffordableTrendy, youthfulYoung, fashion-conscious

10 Best Belt Brands in India:

1. Levi’s:

Description: Renowned globally, Levi’s offers high-quality leather belts that are both stylish and durable.

Features: Known for their rugged durability, classic designs, and premium quality.

Why Choose: Perfect for those who prefer classic styles and seek long-lasting quality.

2. Tommy Hilfiger:

Description: Tommy Hilfiger belts are synonymous with luxury and style, known for their distinctive designs and quality craftsmanship.

Features: Offers a range of elegant leather belts, often featuring the iconic brand logo.

Why Choose: Ideal for fashion-conscious individuals looking for a blend of style and sophistication.

3. Woodland:

Description: Woodland is known for its robust and sturdy products, and its belts are no exception, made to suit the adventurous and outdoorsy lifestyle.

Features: Belts are often rugged in design, made with high-quality materials, and built to last.

Why Choose: Great for those who prefer a rugged, outdoorsy style and require durability.

4. Van Heusen:

Description: Van Heusen offers a range of stylish belts that complement both casual and formal wear.

Features: Known for sleek designs and versatility, suitable for office wear as well as casual outings.

Why Choose: Suitable for those who need versatile belts that can transition between formal and casual looks.

5. Hidesign:

Description: Hidesign stands out for its handcrafted leather belts, emphasizing quality and artisanal craftsmanship.

Features: Offers a range of premium leather belts, each showcasing unique textures and patterns.

Why Choose: Best for those who appreciate handcrafted quality and unique designs in leather.

6. Peter England:

Description: Peter England is known for offering a variety of affordable and stylish belts, suitable for everyday wear.

Features: Belts from Peter England are characterized by their modern designs and affordability.

Why Choose: Ideal for those looking for modern, stylish belts at an affordable price point.

7. Allen Solly:

Description: Allen Solly offers trendy and contemporary belt designs, popular among young professionals and fashion enthusiasts.

Features: Known for their vibrant colors and modern designs, suitable for a contemporary wardrobe.

Why Choose: Perfect for those who want to add a modern, fashionable touch to their attire.

8. Louis Philippe:

Description: Louis Philippe provides a range of premium belts, known for their elegance and superior craftsmanship.

Features: Offers classic and sophisticated designs, ideal for formal and professional settings.

Why Choose: Best for those who prefer elegance and premium quality in their formal wear.

9. Wrangler:

Description: Wrangler belts are known for their durability and classic American style, suitable for casual and semi-formal wear.

Features: Offers sturdy and stylish leather belts, often featuring bold buckles and classic designs.

Why Choose: Great for those who prefer a classic, rugged style in their casual attire.

10. Fastrack:

Description: Targeted at a younger audience, Fastrack offers fashionable and trendy belts at affordable prices.

Features: Known for their quirky designs and vibrant colors, appealing to a youthful demographic.

Why Choose: Ideal for the younger generation looking for trendy, budget-friendly fashion accessories.


In India, the choice of belt brands caters to a diverse range of preferences, from classic and elegant styles to rugged and trendy designs. Whether you’re dressing for a formal event, heading to the office, or gearing up for an outdoor adventure, these top 10 belt brands offer the perfect combination of style, quality, and durability to complete any outfit.

FAQs on Best Belt Brands in India

  1. How do I choose the right size of belt?
    • Measure your waist and add 2 inches to the measurement for the ideal belt size.
  2. Are leather belts better than synthetic ones?
    • Leather belts are often more durable and age better, but synthetic belts can offer more variety in styles and are usually more affordable.
  3. Can I wear the same belt for both casual and formal attire?
    • It depends on the belt design; simple and sleek designs can often transition between casual and formal, while more rugged or embellished designs may be more casual.
  4. How do I maintain my leather belt?
    • Keep it away from direct sunlight and moisture, and condition it occasionally to prevent cracking.
  5. Are reversible belts a good option?
    • Reversible belts offer versatility, allowing you to switch between two colors or textures.
  6. What width of belt should I choose?
    • Standard belts are usually 1.5 inches wide, suitable for most occasions. Thinner belts are often more formal, while wider belts tend to be casual.
  7. Can I get custom-made belts in India?
    • Yes, some brands and local artisans offer custom-made belts.
  8. How long should a good quality belt last?
    • A high-quality leather belt can last several years with proper care.
  9. What are some trendy belt styles for women?
    • Women’s belts with embellishments, bold buckles, or in metallic finishes are currently in trend.
  10. Are there any eco-friendly belt options available?
    • Brands like Hidesign and Louis Philippe are moving towards more sustainable practices, offering eco-friendly options.
  11. What’s the price range for a good quality belt in India?
    • It varies widely, from affordable options under INR 1000 to luxury belts above INR 5000.
  12. How do I know if a belt is of good quality?
    • Check the material, stitching, buckle quality, and brand reputation for indicators of quality.
  13. Can belts be adjusted for size?
    • Most belts can be adjusted by adding new holes, but it’s best done professionally to maintain the look.
  14. What belt materials are most durable?
    • Genuine leather and high-grade synthetics are known for their durability.
  15. Are there any Indian brands specializing in belts?
    • Brands like Fastrack and Peter England are Indian brands that offer a wide range of belts.

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