Can We Swim or Shower Along With Our Fitbit Device?

Can We Swim or Shower Along With Our Fitbit Device.

Fitbit fitness trackers are indispensable wearables dedicated to sports and workout enthusiasts. However, as you incorporate it into your lifestyle, you will begin to wonder about the limitations it imposes.

No doubt about its multifunctionality that ultimately covers our cardiovascular vitals such as heart rate, strain score, recovery, and sleep cycle and assists us in recognizing our health status but is the Fitbit truly waterproof?

Can We Swim or Shower Along With Our Fitbit Device? Are Fitbits Water Proof?

Image of a Fitbit being used for Running.

Let’s get one thing straight: No Fitbit is completely waterproof. Instead, each Fitbit has a water resistance rating that indicates whether it can withstand a sweaty workout or swim in a pool.

A waterproof fitness tracker allows you to dive into a pool or jump into the shower in the morning without worrying about damaging your wristband. As the technology has become more widely available, more and more trackers are becoming waterproof. It used to be a feature reserved for high-end devices, but not every Fitbit device is suitable for swimming or showering, and some models are best kept dry.

So, before you put your Fitbit through its paces, find out if it’s waterproof or water resistant. You should also consider the material of the band you’re using. While silicone is water resistant, leather bands may deteriorate if exposed to excessive moisture.

Likewise, Fitbit’s product warranty also excludes water-damaged devices. The last thing you want to do is ruin a new fitness tracker because you didn’t check to see if it was water-resistant before going for a run or wearing it in the shower or the pool.

Are Fitbits Shower-Proof?

The models listed below are water-resistant up to 50 meters, ultimately shower-proof, and thus can be used in the shower:

  1. Fitbit Inspire 2 
  2. Fitbit Sense 
  3. Fitbit Ace 2 
  4. Fitbit Versa 3 
  5. Fitbit Charge 3 
  6. Fitbit Charge 4 
  7. Fitbit Flex 2 
  8. Fitbit Inspire 
  9. Fitbit Inspire HR 
  10. Fitbit Ionic 
  11. Fitbit Versa 
  12. Fitbit Versa 2 
  13. Fitbit Versa Lite Edition 

Things To Be Mindful About Wearing A Fitbit while in the Shower or Pool

Image of A pair of Fitbits.
  • When you shower, you don’t simply immerse the device in water for an extended period of time. It may come into contact with soaps or body washes, shampoos, conditioners, and all of the other products we use.
  • Possible residues could become trapped in the band, causing skin irritations, especially in people with sensitive skin. Though water will not harm the device, wearing it all the time will prevent your skin from breathing.
  • In addition, if you use creams or lotions, make sure your skin has absorbed them and is completely dry before putting on the tracker.
  • Other factors, such as water temperature and pressure, may also have a negative impact on the health of your tracker. This is also the case.

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1. What does water-resistant mean?

Answer: Water-resistant: able to resist the penetration of water to some degree but not entirely. Water-repellent: not easily penetrated by water, especially as a result of being treated for such a purpose with a surface coating. Waterproof: impervious to water.

2. How do I know if my watch is waterproof?

Answer: You can see the water resistance rating of your watch by taking a look at the dial or case back. If your watch does not say water resistant, it is not. Take it off before washing your hands and don’t wear it out in a rainstorm.

3. Are Fitbits safe enough?

Answer: The radiation emitted from all Fitbit devices is minimal. The Fitbit’s power output is extremely low: about 0.5% – 1% of the output power of a cell phone.

4. Does Fitbit track heart rate in water?

Answer: The optical sensor does not record data when the device is in swim mode because refractions from the water can impact the heart rate reading.

5. What is the difference between water resistant and waterproof watch?

Answer: No, you should never wear your watch in the shower. The combination of hot water and soap or shampoo will degrade the rubber gaskets that keep your watch’s water resistance over time. This will reduce your watch’s water resistance rating, and require more frequent watch servicing or repair.


Although we use the term “waterproof,” it is important to note that this does not imply that these trackers can go anywhere wet or do anything when submerged.

To conclude, while all Fitbits are water-resistant, none are waterproof. So, yes, bathing or swimming with it may or may not be possible, but only with certain models. It would always depend on which one you own. You should also keep in mind that, while your Fitbit is waterproof, your band may not be.

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