Is Fitbit Compatible With The Popular iFIT App In 2023?

Wearable fitness trackers are tiny devices that are hugely popular! Wearing a tracker such as Fitbit allows you to easily track your daily step count calorie intake/burn, and other fitness statistics at any time. The convenience allows people to achieve their goals more quickly and the best fitness trackers can sync with personal training apps to display accurate data views and facilitates enhanced record of fitness analytics.

One such Famous Personal Fitness App is the iFIT, an all-in-one fitness app that offers authentic workout programs in traditional formats and an easy-to-use health tracker that also does the role of a true virtual Fitness coach. On the other hand we have Fitbit, an activity tracker worn on the wrist just like a watch, that tracks your day-to-day activity, whether you walk, run, swim, cycle or work out at the gym. Now lets check out in this post “Is Fitbit Compatible With The iFIT App in 2023?”

Is Fitbit Compatible With The iFIT App?

Is It Actually Possible For Fitbit To Be Compatible and Connected With An iFIT?

The Answer is simply a No ! The iFIT app does not work with Fitbit fitness trackers. Despite years of customer requests, Fitbit and iFIT are yet to collaborate. Fitbit is thus excluded from many similar Fitness Integration Apps, including NordicTrack and Proform. Other fitness trackers, such as the Garmin Vivosmart, are, however, iFIT compatible.

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What Fitness Tracker Are Compatible With iFIT?

Apple Health™, Garmin® Connect, Google Fit™, and Strava, These Fitness workout Apps are exclusively compatible and functions smoothly with the linkage between your Smartwatch’s Platform and Your iFIT account. In the past, iFIT has not been the greatest when it comes to stat tracking. Now, it’s easy to track all of your activity in one place.


To Conclude Fitbits are great fitness trackers that has greater potential to work along with an iFIT Integration, However there is no positive information related to any of the partnership of servicing between iFIT and Fitbit. Thus these both Brands are not compatible with each other as of now. Moreover, no third-party app exists to help you sync the two. Suppose, If there’s an possible association between these Tech giants in the future, we would be sure to update you regarding the same.

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1. Can I use my Fitbit with iFIT?

Answer: FitBit and iFit do not integrate or sync together. However, FitBit does sync with MyFitnessPal.

2. What heart rate monitors work with iFIT?

Answer: iFit ActivePulse™ is compatible with leading Bluetooth® heart rate monitors with broadcast functionality, including the iFit SmartBeat™ forearm heart rate monitor. As well as third-party devices from brands including Polar®, Garmin®, Wahoo®, and a number of WHOOP® products.

3. Can you use Apple Watch with iFIT?

Answer: Unlike every other smart watch or wearable, the Apple Watch is unfortunately not capable of broadcasting your heart rate to iFIT Fitness equipment.

4. How do you use the iFIT heart monitor?

Answer: The heart rate monitor must be worn under your clothes, tight against your skin. To put on the heart rate monitor, wrap the chest strap around your chest, and slide the loop on one end of the chest strap onto the clip on the other end of the chest strap. Make sure that the logo on the sensor is right-side-up.

5. Is iFit owned by Apple?

Answer: iFit is owned by ICON Health & Fitness (”ICON”), which is also the parent company of fitness market leaders NordicTrack, ProForm, and Freemotion. iFit’s proprietary streaming technology allows a multi-faceted interaction between the user, their iFit trainer and their smart machine.

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