How To Improve The Battery Life Of Your Smartwatch? Effective Tips to Fix It In 2023

In our fast spiraling world, Smartwatches have become an inseparable gadget that we carry and use everywhere, similar to our Smartphones; Smartwatches are always available with plenty of brand varieties, features, price ranges, and unique designs of style and sensibilities dedicated to their varied Users. Likewise, You would expect your smartwatch, like any other device, to have long-lasting battery life for its enhanced and best utilization and usage. Its drained usage often lead us into the question “How To Improve The Battery Life Of Your Smartwatch?”


Since people also find it difficult to carry their charging dock everywhere they go. Smartwatches are helpful when traveling, working, and lots more. As a result, one would always prefer that their devices not run out of charge too soon.

Although Smartwatches have a long battery life because they use the most advanced technology, users would still like to use them for long periods without experiencing any difficulties or discrepancies. Charging your smartwatch at regular intervals can become tiresome and annoying, so we’ve listed a few ways and tips on “How To Improve The Battery Life Of Your Smartwatch?.”

Here We Go! Tips to Fix It

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1. Adjusting or Diming Screen Brightness

This should go without saying, but many people seem to overlook the fact that the brighter your phone’s light, the faster your battery will drain. If you have your phone’s brightness turned up or consistently high, you can expect to see an increase in battery drain. It’s best to leave the brightness on auto or low. This ensures that the brightness does not put undue strain on your battery.

2. Turning Off Wi-Fi And Bluetooth Sync

Smartwatches are generally always connected in a variety of ways, to their cellular, or Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. These mostly rely on Bluetooth connections, as long as they are within range of your phone. You can extend the battery life of your smartwatch by simply disabling connections that you don’t need or use. Thus save a greater amount of your smartwatch’s battery.

3. Blocking Or Disabling of Unwanted Notifications and Background Applications

Managing or blocking unnecessary app notifications may help you efficiently to extend the life of your smartwatch’s battery. You can disable notifications from less important apps by uninstalling them. Similarly Notifications should be turned off for apps that do not require constant monitoring and attention. Unwanted notifications may also consume a significant portion of your battery life. Likewise limiting the number of apps running in the background to a minimum. Whereas background apps, such as weather, calendars and clocks, heart rate monitors, and message notifications, consume battery power can be disabled if not absolutely necessary.

4. Reducing The Usage Of Heart Rate Monitor

Smartwatches with a 24-hour heart monitoring feature drain their batteries definitely faster than those without. Since wrist based heart rate monitor remains permanently on when the watch is On with the heart rate setting as ‘auto’. This will ultimately drain the battery. Hence Setting the heart rate as ‘off’ turns off the wrist based heart rate monitor to extend the battery life of the smartwatch.

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5. Using the ‘Snooze’ Option

If you use the snooze option on your smartwatch, the charge would eventually last longer. Your watch will automatically buzz for each notification received. Furthermore, by turning off notifications, your smartwatch’s screen will not light up and there will be no vibration, which will save battery life. To extend the battery life of your smartwatch, use the snooze feature. When an alert is received, your watch will emit a beep. Furthermore, disabling notifications prevents the screen of your smartwatch from lighting up and eliminates vibrations, both of which drain the battery.

6. Disabling of the Wrist Gestures 

When you may want to disable the wrist gesture feature if you don’t use gestures while lifting your arm. It may help in increasing the battery life of the smartwatch and helps in reducing from the draining of the battery.

7. Limiting Music Playback and Streaming

Listening to Music controlled through your watch is always a great thing to do but however it leads to excess usage and draining of the smartwatch’s battery . Thus to Save your battery from excess depletion you can prefer using a headphone or an EarPods as per your convenience.


Undeniably Smartwatches have caused a technological revolution in the world and should only be purchased with the best features and at the best price. When purchasing a smartwatch, look for one with a long battery life, a readable and clear display, GPS, multiple watches, user-friendly controls, and so on.

We believe that after reading this article, you will have a better understanding of why a smartwatch’s battery drains quickly. An overabundance of notifications, an always-on display, background apps, music streaming, and excessive brightness all contribute to rapid battery drain. If you follow the tips above, you will get most out of your smartwatch battery.

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1. How long do smartwatch batteries last?

Answer: The battery life of most smartwatches is between one and two days on average. However, it all depends on how the device is used.

2. Should I charge my smartwatch every night?

Answer: To ensure that your smartwatch has a full battery when you wake up, you should recharge it every night. Remember that you must turn off the smartwatch before you plug it in to charge.

3. How long does it take a smartwatch to charge?

Answer: Typically, the charging time varies from watch to watch. Not all smartwatches have the same battery, charger, or charging port. But on average, it takes 3–4 hours to reach full charge. Apart, the model you’re using has an impact on the results.

4. Should I turn off my smartwatch while charging?

Answer: No, leaving the charger plugged in at night is not good for the battery. When you keep the phone above 80% for too long, it degrades the lithium battery, so I charge my devices during the day when I can monitor it and I unplug it when it reaches 80%.

5. How long should I charge my smartwatch for the first time?

Answer: Smart devices like smartphones, smartwatches are made to be worked smartly. Generally, it takes 3–4 hours for 100% charging. 2 and half hours is enough for 80%.

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