7 Best Whoop Alternatives in 2023

Hello fellow gadget enthusiasts!

We all know how whoops mainly work to monitor our sleep, recovery, and daily work efforts to give us insights about our daily body improvements and detailed analysis. But even after having such a good purpose to it, not all of us are excited to put it on and looking for best Whoop Alternatives. Why is it so?

Well, to start with, it might be a boring concept for a few of you while a bit problematic and inconvenient for others just like me. Because even after wearing a thick band, you do get any screen with it hence, you cant watch time and get calls and messages via a whoop. Due to its lacking of a screen, it cannot do much work.

If you are already using a whoop and facing these problems, should you continue using it or try an alternative instead? The suggestion is mine, the choice is yours.

7 Best Whoop Alternatives in 2023:

1. Fitbit Inspire 2

How nice it would be if you could get a fitness tracker with a screen that too at an affordable price? Fitbit Inspire 2 provides you with all of these. Starting from heart rate to sleep monitoring, the watch does it all. This fitness tracker also comes with a one-year Fitbit premium trial just like the whoops. This watch also has a calorie tracker, heart rate monitor, & pedometer. The watch connects with your phone easily via a wireless Bluetooth connection.


  • It is 20+ exercise modes to track local goals and calories burned.
  • The watch counts steps, distance, and hourly activities along with calories burned.
  • The watch has a good battery life of 10 days.
  • It provides you with your sleep data including light, deep, and REM sleep varieties.
  •  It has Bluetooth. It has 24 x 7 heart rate tracking, sleep score, and everyday motivation.
  •  It has 50m water resistance.

Pros & Cons

  • It has good battery life.
  • A good activity tracker
  • Affordable
  • It lacks built-in Alexa & Google Assistant.
  • It lacks a stress tracker or EDA sensors.

2. Amazfit Band 5

 This band has more features than the last one. You can always command this watch as it has built-in Amazon Alexa along with a fitness tracker, e-mail, social media, calendar, distance tracking, GPS, pedometer, time display, sleep monitor, alarm, multi-sport tracker, and many more trackers and monitors. It could be one of the best replacements for whoop at a very cheap price. It is a splendid battery life that extracts your health status constantly 24/7.


  • It has a built-in Alexa with 15 days battery life.
  • It has a blood oxygen saturation monitor.
  • It has stress monitoring and breathing exercises.
  • It comes along with eleven sports modes and 5 ATM water resistance.
  • It is 24 hours heart rate tracking and heart rate warning.
  • It has a bio tracker 2 PPG.

Pros & Cons

  • Multiple features are present.
  • Menstrual health tracking.
  • Cheap.
  • The screen is small.

3. Garmin Vivosmart 4

It is an Android operating watch with cellular connectivity at an affordable price and Du wireless carrier. The watch is imported and is a slim and smart activity tracker with a fashionable design, perfect for you to wear on your wrists, which also adds up to your look and gives you all the benefits of a fitness tracker along with watches. It has multiple sports modes and is for Android users. It also lets you receive notification notifications for calls, text messages, and many more.


  • It is perfect for a list circumference of 122-188mm.
  • Battery life is above seven days.
  • The watch gives vibration alerts for all notifications including calls, and text messages, and has a display resolution of 48 x 128 pixels.
  • Exercise modes like walking running, strength training, yoga, pool swims, and others.
  • The watch has advanced sleep monitoring with REM sleep and can gauge blood oxygen saturation levels during the nighttime.

Pros & Cons

  • Accurate readings.
  • Lacks a GPS.
  • The screen is less responsive.

4. Apple Watch Series 7

This is the costliest watch on this list. It has always on retina display with multi trackers and monitors in it. The watch has an activity tracker, heart rate monitor, sleep monitor, and blood oxygen monitor. This watch comes with a huge facility for health monitoring and also workout, GPS, and entertainment. It has a bright large display with fast charging capacity. The big screen gives a huge impact while looking at anything on the watch. It has in-built microphone and speakers.


  • It has IP6X test resistance certified.
  • Swimproof and WR50 water resistant, and crack the resistant front crystal.
  • The watch takes ECG, tracks sleep, and provides emergency SOS.
  • It has a huge number of sports modes along with GPS and is in-built.
  • The watch has an altimeter and gives regular heart rhythm notifications.
  • It gives fall detection and supports family setup.

Pros & Cons

  • It tracks women’s menstrual cycle
  • Has cellularity.
  • Pricey
  • Lacks a temperature sensor.
  • Low battery life.

5. Huawei Band 6

The watch comes with a full view screen of 1.47 inches. The watch has about 96 workout modes. It has everything starting from SpO2 monitoring to heart rate monitoring. You can customize the look of this watch the way you want as it has bands of many colors and different watch faces. It is accompanied by an excellent battery and 24/7 heart rate monitoring. The plus point of this watch is that it helps women track their menstrual cycle. You can get this watch as it serves many of your purpose including that of a Whoop. The watch acts as your assistant.


  • TruSleep 2.0 sleep tracking is present.
  • The watch has 4 different sleep states. Identifies 6 major sleep problems and gives 200 sleep improvement suggestions. 
  •  The HUAWEI watch has timely menstrual tracking.
  • This watch counts steps, active hours, and moderate to high-intensity activity.
  • The watch is budget friendly.

Pros & Cons

  • Afforable price.
  • Cannot reply to calls.

6. Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6

This is a budget-friendly watch that comes along with an activity tracker. It is compatible with a laptop. The watch is made of a beautiful 1.56 inches AMOLED touch screen. It has bright crisp graphics with a 40% larger display than the previous band of this brand. It also has sensors to measure your blood oxygen level including heart rate. You get different types of activity trackers to configure daily workout goals.


  • Two weeks of battery life and the battery can be charged via a magnetic dock.
  • Imperial measurements are given in feet, miles, and Fahrenheit or metrics.
  • The watch has SpO2 sensors and 24-hour heart rate monitoring.
  • The watch tracks 30 different activities and auto-detects six fitness activities.
  • The watch has 5 ATM water resistance which lets it be underwater even during swimming.

Pros & Cons

  • It monitors breathing patterns and sleeps analysis.
  • The watch has personalized health intelligence.
  • Lacks a GPS or fall detection.

7. Willful Fitness Tracker SWV100s

This is a full-screen fitness band. The watch has temperature sensing along with counting heart rate per second. The watch has an IPS screen and is mainly made for fitness tracking and sports. The watch has a high resolution on a 1.14-inch screen. It is 90 English alphabet. It detects heart rate accurately and detects temperature per minute automatically all day and in real-time continues via an infrared temperature monitoring system.


  • The watch battery has a battery life of 60 days and normal working of 15 days.
  • It is accompanied by low consumption of imported chips and USB direct charging.
  • 50M water resistance sleep monitoring and blood pressure monitoring.
  • You can receive and reject calls from this watch and it gives reminders and message push.
  • The watch has a silent alarm clock and stopwatch.
  • The watch gives sedentary reminders with a lift up the wrist to lighten up the screen feature.

Pros & Cons

  • Auto screen locking.
  • Lacks a GPS.

What should you look for in a Whoop alternative before you buy one?

  • The stability of the watch.
  • The monitors and trackers are present in the watch.
  • The accuracy of the monitors and trackers.
  • Premium membership and the app connecting your watch and phone.
  • Numbers of sports mode.
  • Battery longevity.


Do alternatives of whoop fulfill the cause of Whoop?

As both are different gadgets, a smartwatch cannot fully fulfill its purpose. Neither can give a 100% accurate reading.

Why should I buy an alternative?

You might buy an alternative as it comes not only with monitors and trackers but also with a screen and many other special features. It gives you a total assessment of your day in every possible way.

Which watch is best as an alternative to Whoop?

You can use the Amazfit Band 5 and Garmin Vivosmart 4.

Do I need to pay a monthly subscription for smartwatches like that in Whoop?

No, and yes. Paying for premium membership is optional in watches.

Final Words

In the end, I will recommend you to go for an alternative if you are planning on using the whoop for a huge time of your day just to track your body works, as it takes up space above the wrist and makes carrying a watch heavier and harder. Instead, you could simply use a smartwatch to get better functions and multiple facilities at the same time. Also, you don’t need to pay a monthly subscription fee like that of a Whoop if you don’t want to.

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