10 Best Tripods for Phones and DSLRs in India: Enhancing Your Photography Game

Best Tripods for Phones

In the era of social media and digital content creation, photography and videography have become more than just hobbies in India. They’re avenues for self-expression, storytelling, and even career opportunities. A crucial tool in any photographer’s kit is a tripod – an accessory that brings stability, precision, and versatility to your shots. Whether you’re a phone photographer or a DSLR enthusiast, the right tripod can significantly elevate the quality of your work.

A tripod is essential for eliminating camera shake, achieving sharp images, and experimenting with creative compositions. The key features to look for include stability, adjustability, and portability. While phone tripods are typically lightweight and compact, DSLR tripods are sturdier, offering support for heavier camera setups.

Comparison Table

BrandBest ForPopular Models/SeriesUnique Features
ManfrottoProfessional usePIXI, BefreeDurable, high-quality build
VanguardVersatilityAlta Pro, VEOInnovative design, versatile use
JobyFlexibilityGorillaPodFlexible legs, portable design
BenroProfessional-gradeT600EX, GoPlus TravelRobust build, stability
DigitekAffordabilityDTR 500 BH, DTR 550 LWBudget-friendly, reliable performance
AmazonBasicsBudget-conscious buyers50-Inch, 60-InchReasonable quality, affordable
SlikDaily usePro 700DX, Sprint Pro IIIBalance of durability and functionality
SonySony camera usersVCT-VPR1, RMT-DSLR2Sleek design, remote control features
BoschSturdinessBT150, BT160Industrial-grade sturdiness
TygotPhone photographyGorillapod, AdjustablePortable, lightweight design

The Top Tripod Brands for Phones and DSLRs in India

1. Manfrotto

Known for premium quality, Manfrotto tripods are a favorite among professionals. They offer unparalleled durability and stability, suitable for both phones and DSLRs.

  • Best For: Professional use, durability.
  • Popular Models: Manfrotto PIXI, Manfrotto Befree.

2. Vanguard

Vanguard stands out for its versatility and innovation. Their tripods cater to a range of photography styles, from landscape to macro photography.

  • Best For: Versatility, innovative features.
  • Key Models: Vanguard Alta Pro, Vanguard VEO.

3. Joby’s

Joby’s GorillaPod series, known for its flexibility and portability, is ideal for vloggers and mobile photographers. Its bendable legs allow for creative positioning.

  • Best For: Flexibility, mobile photography.
  • Key Series: Joby GorillaPod.

4. Benro

Offering professional-grade tripods, Benro is acclaimed for its robust build and stability, making it a great choice for serious photographers and videographers.

  • Best For: Professional-grade quality, stability.
  • Popular Models: Benro T600EX, Benro GoPlus Travel.

5. Digitek

Digitek offers affordable yet reliable tripods, catering well to amateurs and professionals alike. They provide good value for money with a decent performance.

  • Best For: Affordability, all-round use.
  • Key Models: Digitek DTR 500 BH, Digitek DTR 550 LW.

6. AmazonBasics

For casual and beginner photographers, AmazonBasics tripods are a go-to. They offer reasonable quality at budget-friendly prices.

  • Best For: Budget-conscious buyers, beginners.
  • Popular Models: AmazonBasics 50-Inch, AmazonBasics 60-Inch.

7. Slik

Balancing quality and price, Slik tripods are reliable for everyday photography. They provide a good mix of durability and functionality.

  • Best For: Daily use, reliability.
  • Key Models: Slik Pro 700DX, Slik Sprint Pro III.

8. Sony

Sony tripods, especially designed for compatibility with Sony cameras, come with advanced features like remote controls and are known for their sleek designs.

  • Best For: Sony camera users, advanced features.
  • Key Models: Sony VCT-VPR1, Sony RMT-DSLR2.

9. Bosch

Though more known in industrial sectors, Bosch tripods stand out for their sturdiness and long-lasting build, suitable for heavy-duty photography work.

  • Best For: Sturdiness, industrial use.
  • Popular Models: Bosch BT150, Bosch BT160.

10. Tygot

Tygot caters to phone photographers with its budget-friendly, portable tripods. They are lightweight and easy to carry, perfect for on-the-go shooting.

  • Best For: Phone photography, portability.
  • Key Models: Tygot Gorillapod, Tygot Adjustable.

Tripod Materials and Their Impact

Tripod materials play a critical role in their performance. Aluminum tripods are lightweight yet sturdy, ideal for travel photography. Carbon fiber offers the best in durability and lightness but at a higher cost. Plastic tripods, typically found in budget ranges, provide basic functionality.

Choosing the Right Tripod for Your Device

Selecting the right tripod depends on your device and photography style. For heavy DSLRs, opt for a tripod with a higher weight capacity and sturdy build. For smartphones and lighter cameras, a compact and flexible tripod would suffice.

Price Range and Availability

The price range of tripods in India varies greatly. Manfrotto and Benro are on the higher end, offering professional quality, while brands like Digitek and AmazonBasics provide more affordable options. These tripods are available in camera stores, electronics shops, and online platforms.


Investing in the right tripod can transform your photography experience. Whether you’re capturing landscapes with a DSLR or shooting a vlog on your phone, choosing a tripod that complements your device and style is key. Consider factors like stability, material, and the type of photography you’re into before making your decision.


  1. Q: Can Manfrotto tripods handle heavy DSLR setups? A: Yes, many Manfrotto tripods are designed to support heavy DSLR setups.
  2. Q: Are Vanguard tripods suitable for outdoor photography? A: Absolutely, Vanguard tripods are known for their durability and versatility, making them suitable for outdoor photography.
  3. Q: How portable are Joby GorillaPods for travel? A: Joby GorillaPods are highly portable due to their compact size and flexible design, ideal for travel.
  4. Q: Do Benro tripods come with a head, or is it sold separately? A: Most Benro tripods come with a head, but it’s always best to check individual product specifications.
  5. Q: Is Digitek a good brand for beginner photographers? A: Yes, Digitek offers affordable and user-friendly tripods, making them suitable for beginners.
  6. Q: How long do AmazonBasics tripods typically last? A: With proper care, AmazonBasics tripods can last several years, although they might not match the longevity of premium brands.
  7. Q: Are Slik tripods easy to set up and adjust? A: Yes, Slik tripods are designed for easy setup and adjustability.
  8. Q: Can Sony tripods be used with non-Sony cameras? A: Generally, Sony tripods can be used with various camera brands, but specific features may be optimized for Sony cameras.
  9. Q: Are Bosch tripods only meant for industrial use? A: While Bosch is known for industrial-quality products, their tripods can also be effectively used for photography.
  10. Q: Is the Tygot Gorillapod sturdy enough for DSLRs? A: Tygot Gorillapods are more suited for lightweight cameras and phones; check the weight capacity before using it with a DSLR.
  11. Q: Do Manfrotto tripods have a warranty in India? A: Yes, Manfrotto tripods typically come with a warranty, but the terms can vary.
  12. Q: Are Vanguard tripod legs independently adjustable? A: Many Vanguard tripods feature independently adjustable legs for versatile positioning.
  13. Q: How flexible is the Joby GorillaPod for creative angles? A: The Joby GorillaPod is highly flexible, allowing you to achieve a variety of creative angles.
  14. Q: Can I use a Benro tripod for videography? A: Yes, Benro offers several tripods suitable for both photography and videography.
  15. Q: How much weight can Digitek tripods support? A: The weight capacity varies by model, so it’s important to check the specifications of the specific Digitek tripod.
  16. Q: Are AmazonBasics tripods good for heavy cameras? A: AmazonBasics tripods are generally more suited for lightweight to medium-weight cameras.
  17. Q: Do Slik tripods come with a pan head? A: Some Slik tripods come with a pan head, but it varies by model.
  18. Q: How compatible are Sony tripods with DSLRs? A: Sony tripods are compatible with most DSLRs, but it’s advisable to check the mounting specifications.
  19. Q: What is the maximum height of Bosch tripods? A: The maximum height varies across different Bosch tripod models, so check the specific product details.
  20. Q: How compact is the Tygot Gorillapod when folded? A: Tygot Gorillapods are very compact when folded, making them easy to carry and store.
  21. Q: Can I attach a smartphone holder to a Manfrotto tripod? A: Yes, with the appropriate adapter or holder, you can attach a smartphone to a Manfrotto tripod.
  22. Q: Are Vanguard tripods quick to set up? A: Vanguard tripods are designed for ease of use and quick setup.
  23. Q: Is the Joby GorillaPod waterproof? A: Joby GorillaPods are not typically waterproof, but they are durable and can withstand light exposure to elements.
  24. Q: What kind of head is best for a DSLR on a Benro tripod? A: A ball head or a fluid head is often preferred for DSLRs for smooth movement and stability.
  25. Q: How affordable are Digitek tripods compared to other brands? A: Digitek tripods are quite affordable and offer good value for money compared to some higher-end brands.

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