11 Best Sports Shoe Brands in India: A Guide to Elevating Your Game

In an era where fitness and sports are not just hobbies but a way of life, the right pair of sports shoes can be a game-changer in your athletic pursuits. In India, where the sports culture is rapidly growing, choosing the right sports shoes becomes pivotal. This comprehensive guide delves into the 11 best sports shoe brands in India, helping you step up your game with the perfect pair.

Whether you’re a professional athlete or a fitness enthusiast, the right sports shoes are crucial. They offer the necessary support, enhance performance, and prevent injuries. While choosing, consider factors like support, comfort, durability, and technology integration.

The Top 11 Sports Shoe Brands in India

1. Nike

A global leader in sports footwear, Nike offers shoes that blend innovation with style. Known for their Air technology and Flyknit materials, Nike shoes provide unmatched comfort and support.

  • Popular Models: Air Max, Nike Free, and Nike Zoom.
  • Key Technologies: Air cushioning, Dri-FIT fabric, Flywire cables.

2. Adidas

Adidas has been synonymous with quality sports shoes, known for their comfortable fit and superior technology, like the Boost cushioning and Primeknit upper.

  • Popular Models: UltraBoost, Stan Smith, and Adizero.
  • Key Features: Boost technology, Torsion system, Primeknit fabric.

3. Puma

Blending fashion with functionality, Puma shoes are perfect for those who value style along with performance. Puma’s shoes are popular for their sleek designs and comfortable fit.

  • Popular Models: Puma Ignite, Speed Cat, and RS-X.
  • Key Features: Foamstrip cushioning, EVA midsole, and EverTrack technology.

4. Reebok

Reebok has made a significant mark with shoes that excel in comfort and durability. They are a great choice for training and long-distance running.

  • Popular Models: Reebok Classic, Zig Kinetica, and Floatride.
  • Key Features: ZigTech cushioning, Flexweave technology.

5. Asics

Asics shoes are revered by runners for their GEL cushioning technology, which provides excellent shock absorption, making them ideal for marathons and sprints.

  • Popular Models: Gel-Kayano, Gel-Nimbus, and GT-2000.
  • Key Features: GEL technology, FlyteFoam midsole, Guidance Line technology.

6. Under Armour

Rising in popularity, Under Armour shoes are known for their sleek design and innovative features like HOVR technology, providing a ‘zero gravity feel’.

  • Popular Models: HOVR Phantom, Charged Assert, and Micro G Pursuit.
  • Key Features: HOVR technology, Charged Cushioning, 3D molded midfoot panel.

7. Skechers

Skechers is a go-to brand for those seeking a combination of comfort and casual style. Their Memory Foam technology ensures optimum comfort, making them suitable for everyday wear.

  • Popular Models: D’Lites, GOwalk, and GOrun.
  • Key Features: Air-Cooled Memory Foam, Goga Mat technology.

8. New Balance

New Balance shoes are renowned for their perfect blend of functionality and fashion. They offer great arch support, making them ideal for people with foot problems.

  • Popular Models: 990 series, Fresh Foam, and NBx series.
  • Key Features: ABZORB cushioning, Ndurance rubber outsole.

9. Fila

Fila combines Italian style with practicality. Their shoes are known for their durability and are a good choice for tennis and other court sports.

  • Popular Models: Disruptor, Fila Ray, and Original Tennis.
  • Key Features: Classic design, durable construction, cushioned footbed.

10. Bata Power

Bata Power offers affordable and reliable sports shoes, making them a great option for budget-conscious consumers. They are durable and provide a decent level of comfort and support.

  • Popular Models: Power Sports series.
  • Key Features: Affordable pricing, sturdy design, comfortable insole.

11. Decathlon

Decathlon sports shoes are praised for their affordability and quality. They offer a wide range catering to various sports needs, from running to hiking.

  • Popular Models: Kalenji for running, Quechua for hiking.
  • Key Features: Cost-effective, specialized for different sports, good durability.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Sports Shoes

When selecting sports shoes, consider the fit, cushioning, arch support, and the specific design for your sport. Ensure the shoes cater to your foot type and the demands of your sporting activity.

Trends in Sports Shoe Technology

The latest trends include responsive cushioning, lightweight materials, and advanced sole technology. These innovations enhance performance and comfort, allowing athletes to push their limits.

Price vs. Quality in Sports Shoes

Balancing price and quality is key. While premium brands offer advanced technology, there are affordable options that do not compromise on comfort and performance. Choose a pair that meets your needs and fits your budget.


In the dynamic world of sports footwear, the right pair of shoes can make all the difference. From Nike’s cutting-edge technology to Decathlon’s budget-friendly quality, each of these 11 brands offers something unique. Consider your specific needs, be it running marathons or casual jogs, and step into the pair that will elevate your sports experience. Remember, the best sports shoes are the ones that fit you like a second skin, enhancing your performance and keeping you in the game.


  1. Q: What makes Nike sports shoes a top choice for athletes? A: Nike sports shoes offer innovative technologies like Air cushioning and Flywire cables, providing exceptional comfort and support.
  2. Q: Are Adidas sports shoes suitable for running? A: Yes, Adidas offers a range of running shoes, notably the UltraBoost and Adizero models, featuring Boost cushioning and a supportive fit.
  3. Q: What distinguishes Puma sports shoes in the market? A: Puma combines style with performance, offering shoes with sleek designs and Foamstrip cushioning for both athletes and casual wearers.
  4. Q: What type of sports are Reebok shoes best suited for? A: Reebok shoes cater to a wide range of sports, particularly excelling in training and long-distance running with their Flexweave technology.
  5. Q: Why are Asics shoes preferred by runners? A: Asics shoes are favored for running due to their GEL cushioning technology that provides excellent shock absorption and comfort.
  6. Q: How does Under Armour’s HOVR technology enhance performance? A: HOVR technology in Under Armour shoes provides a ‘zero gravity feel’, ensuring energy return and reducing the impact on joints.
  7. Q: Are Skechers shoes good for daily use? A: Yes, Skechers shoes, with their Air-Cooled Memory Foam, offer everyday comfort, making them ideal for casual wear.
  8. Q: What are the key features of New Balance sports shoes? A: New Balance shoes feature ABZORB cushioning and Ndurance rubber outsole, offering a balance of comfort and durability.
  9. Q: Is Fila a good brand for tennis shoes? A: Fila offers durable and stylish tennis shoes, making them a popular choice for court sports.
  10. Q: Are Bata Power shoes affordable? A: Yes, Bata Power provides sports shoes at an affordable price point, offering value for money with decent comfort and support.
  11. Q: What range of sports does Decathlon cater to with their shoes? A: Decathlon offers shoes for a wide range of sports activities, including running, hiking, and more, with specialized designs for each.
  12. Q: Do Nike sports shoes offer good arch support? A: Nike shoes provide excellent arch support, catering to various foot types and enhancing athletic performance.
  13. Q: Can Adidas shoes be used for sports other than running? A: Yes, Adidas provides versatile sports shoes suitable for various activities, including training, basketball, and tennis.
  14. Q: What makes Puma sports shoes stylish? A: Puma sports shoes are known for their fashionable design, combining athletic functionality with contemporary aesthetics.
  15. Q: Are Reebok shoes good for gym workouts? A: Reebok shoes are ideal for gym workouts, offering stability, cushioning, and flexibility suitable for various exercises.
  16. Q: How do Asics shoes cater to different runners? A: Asics offers specialized shoes for different types of runners, from casual joggers to professional athletes, focusing on tailored support and cushioning.
  17. Q: What is the price range of Under Armour sports shoes? A: Under Armour shoes are generally in the mid to high price range, reflecting their advanced technology and premium quality.
  18. Q: Do Skechers offer sports shoes for professional athletes? A: Skechers caters more to casual athletes and lifestyle wear, though they do have performance-oriented models like the GOrun series.
  19. Q: What is unique about New Balance’s design philosophy? A: New Balance combines performance technology with stylish designs, offering shoes that are both functional and fashionable.
  20. Q: How does Fila balance style and function in their sports shoes? A: Fila sports shoes are designed with a focus on trendy aesthetics without compromising on functionality, making them suitable for both sports and casual wear.

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