10 Best Leggings Brands in India: Comfort Meets Style

In the dynamic world of Indian fashion, leggings have emerged as an indispensable part of a woman’s wardrobe. Renowned for their versatility, comfort, and style, leggings have transcended their traditional role as activewear to become a staple in both casual and professional settings. With an array of brands offering diverse styles, fabrics, and fits, selecting the perfect pair of leggings can significantly enhance both your comfort and style quotient.

Leggings, typically made from a stretchy fabric blend, are form-fitting lower-body garments that offer flexibility and ease of movement. Originally designed as fitness apparel, leggings have evolved into everyday wear, with variations in material ranging from breathable cotton to moisture-wicking synthetics. Today, they are a popular choice for their ability to combine functionality with fashion.

Comparison Table

BrandBest ForKey Products/CollectionsUnique Features
ZivameVersatile stylesSoftline Leggings, Active WearWide range of styles and colors
JockeyEveryday comfortCotton Leggings, Synthetic BlendComfortable fit, durable fabric
FabIndiaEthnic designsCotton Leggings, OrganicNatural fabrics, ethnic style
Global DesiVibrant printsPrinted LeggingsColorful and contemporary designs
NikeAthletic wearDri-FIT LeggingsMoisture-wicking technology, sporty designs
AdidasInnovative designSports Leggings, LifestyleQuality fabrics, stylish designs
DecathlonAffordabilitySports LeggingsFunctional for various activities, budget-friendly
PumaStylish designsFashion Leggings, dryCELLTrendy designs, moisture management
CloviaFashion-forward designsFashion Leggings, PrintedContemporary styles, comfortable fit
LululemonPremium qualityYoga LeggingsHigh-quality materials, yoga-focused designs

The Top Leggings Brands in India

1. Zivame

Zivame has carved a niche in the Indian market with its comfortable and stylish leggings. Known for their Softline leggings, Zivame offers a range that caters to both active and casual wear, featuring a variety of colors and prints.

  • Best For: Versatile styles, comfort.
  • Key Collections: Softline Leggings, Active Wear.

2. Jockey

A household name, Jockey is synonymous with comfort and durability. Their range of leggings, available in both cotton and synthetic blends, is designed for everyday wear, ensuring a snug and comfortable fit.

  • Best For: Everyday comfort, durability.
  • Key Products: Cotton Leggings, Synthetic Blend Leggings.

3. FabIndia

FabIndia’s leggings are celebrated for their ethnic designs and use of natural fabrics. They offer a selection of cotton and organic leggings that pair beautifully with traditional Indian wear.

  • Best For: Ethnic designs, natural fabrics.
  • Key Products: Cotton Leggings, Organic Leggings.

4. Global Desi

Global Desi stands out for its vibrant colors and prints. Their leggings are perfect for those looking to add a pop of color to their wardrobe, offering a fusion of contemporary and traditional styles.

  • Best For: Vibrant prints, fusion wear.
  • Key Products: Printed Leggings, Colorful Leggings.

5. Nike

Nike’s high-performance leggings are a go-to for fitness enthusiasts. Their Dri-FIT technology ensures comfort during intense workouts, while their range of designs caters to both sports and casual wear.

  • Best For: Athletic wear, technology-driven fabrics.
  • Key Technologies: Dri-FIT, Sport-Specific Designs.

6. Adidas

Adidas is renowned for its quality and innovative fabric technologies. Their leggings are designed for both athletic performance and casual style, featuring a variety of fits and designs.

  • Best For: Quality, innovative design.
  • Key Collections: Sports Leggings, Lifestyle Leggings.

7. Decathlon

Decathlon offers an affordable range of leggings designed for various sports and activities. Known for their functionality and value for money, Decathlon’s leggings are a great choice for those on a budget.

  • Best For: Variety of sports, affordability.
  • Key Features: Functional Design, Budget-Friendly.

8. Puma

Puma combines style with functionality in their leggings range. Suitable for fitness and everyday wear, their leggings feature dryCELL technology for moisture management and come in trendy designs.

  • Best For: Stylish designs, functional fabrics.
  • Key Technologies: dryCELL, Fashionable Collections.

9. Clovia

Clovia caters to the fashion-conscious with its range of trendy and comfortable leggings. Available in a variety of colors and prints, Clovia’s leggings are perfect for everyday style and comfort.

  • Best For: Fashion-forward designs, comfort.
  • Key Products: Fashion Leggings, Printed Leggings.

10. Lululemon

Lululemon is a premium brand known for its high-quality materials and yoga-focused designs. Their leggings offer unparalleled comfort and flexibility, making them a favorite among yoga enthusiasts.

  • Best For: Yoga wear, premium quality.
  • Key Collections: Yoga Leggings, High-Quality Materials.

Maintenance and Care for Leggings

To maintain the quality and longevity of leggings, it’s crucial to follow proper care instructions. Washing them in cold water, avoiding harsh detergents, and air-drying can help preserve the fabric’s elasticity and color.

Choosing Leggings for Different Occasions and Face Shapes

Selecting the right leggings involves considering the occasion and your personal style. For workouts, opt for moisture-wicking fabrics, while for casual outings, cotton or printed leggings can offer both comfort and style. The right fit is key to ensuring comfort and enhancing your silhouette.

Price Range and Availability

The price range of leggings in India varies widely, with options available for every budget. While premium brands like Lululemon offer high-end options, brands like Jockey and Clovia provide quality leggings at more affordable prices. These brands are widely available across Indian retail stores, online platforms, and brand-specific outlets.


Leggings are a versatile and essential addition to the modern woman’s wardrobe, offering a perfect blend of comfort, style, and functionality. Whether you’re looking for the perfect pair for your yoga session, a casual day out, or just to lounge in, there’s a brand and style that fits your needs. From the athletic designs of Nike and Adidas to the ethnic charm of FabIndia and the stylish options from Clovia and Global Desi, the choices are endless. Embrace the comfort and style of leggings and find your perfect pair that complements your lifestyle and fashion sense.


  1. Q: Are Zivame leggings suitable for high-intensity workouts? A: Yes, Zivame offers specific leggings designed for high-intensity workouts with supportive and moisture-wicking fabrics.
  2. Q: Can Jockey leggings be used for yoga and stretching exercises? A: Yes, Jockey leggings are flexible and comfortable, making them suitable for yoga and stretching exercises.
  3. Q: Do FabIndia leggings come in plus sizes? A: FabIndia offers a range of sizes; however, availability of plus sizes may vary and should be checked in-store or online.
  4. Q: Are Global Desi leggings suitable for casual wear outside the home? A: Yes, Global Desi leggings feature vibrant prints and designs, making them fashionable for casual wear.
  5. Q: How effective is Nike’s Dri-FIT technology in leggings? A: Nike’s Dri-FIT technology is very effective in wicking away moisture, keeping you dry and comfortable during workouts.
  6. Q: Are Adidas leggings durable for long-term use? A: Adidas is known for its quality and durability, and their leggings are generally long-lasting.
  7. Q: Can I find affordable sports leggings at Decathlon? A: Yes, Decathlon offers a range of affordable sports leggings suitable for various activities.
  8. Q: Do Puma leggings offer good elasticity and stretch? A: Puma leggings are designed with good elasticity and stretch, providing comfort and flexibility during activities.
  9. Q: Are Clovia leggings available in different colors and patterns? A: Yes, Clovia offers leggings in a variety of colors and patterns.
  10. Q: Is Lululemon’s pricing reflective of their leggings’ quality? A: Lululemon’s leggings are priced higher, but they are known for their premium quality, comfort, and durability.
  11. Q: How should I wash my Zivame leggings to maintain their quality? A: It’s recommended to wash Zivame leggings in cold water, with similar colors and air-dry them to maintain quality.
  12. Q: Do Jockey leggings shrink after washing? A: Jockey leggings are generally pre-shrunk but follow the care label instructions to minimize any further shrinkage.
  13. Q: Are FabIndia leggings appropriate for gym workouts? A: FabIndia leggings can be used for light workouts, but they are primarily designed for casual and ethnic wear.
  14. Q: Can Global Desi leggings be paired with ethnic kurtas? A: Yes, Global Desi leggings can be stylishly paired with ethnic kurtas due to their vibrant designs.
  15. Q: Do Nike leggings have pockets for storing essentials? A: Some Nike leggings models come with pockets for convenience, but it varies by design.
  16. Q: Are Adidas leggings suitable for all weather conditions? A: Adidas offers a variety of leggings suitable for different weather conditions; check specific product features for details.
  17. Q: What sizes are available in Decathlon leggings? A: Decathlon offers a wide range of sizes; it’s best to check their size chart for accuracy.
  18. Q: Do Puma leggings offer UV protection? A: Some Puma leggings may offer UV protection, but it’s important to check the specific product details.
  19. Q: How often should I replace my Clovia leggings? A: The lifespan of Clovia leggings depends on usage and care; replace them when they start to lose elasticity or show wear.
  20. Q: Can I use Lululemon leggings for water sports? A: While Lululemon leggings are versatile, it’s advisable to check if the specific model is suitable for water sports.
  21. Q: Are there maternity leggings available at Zivame? A: Zivame offers a range of maternity wear, but availability of maternity leggings should be checked on their website or store.
  22. Q: Do Jockey leggings come in a high-waisted design? A: Yes, Jockey offers high-waisted leggings options.
  23. Q: What is the return policy for FabIndia leggings? A: FabIndia’s return policy can vary; it’s advisable to check their policy at the time of purchase.
  24. Q: Are Global Desi leggings machine washable? A: Yes, most Global Desi leggings are machine washable, but always refer to the care instructions.
  25. Q: What is the best way to store Nike leggings? A: Store Nike leggings folded in a cool, dry place to maintain their shape and quality.

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