11 Best Hair Colour for Women in India: A Guide to Vibrant and Healthy Tresses

Best Hair Colour for Women in India: A Guide to Vibrant and Healthy Tresses

In India, where personal style and beauty are celebrated, hair colouring has become a popular trend among women. With an array of choices from subtle natural hues to bold and vibrant shades, the Indian market is bustling with hair colour products catering to every preference. This guide aims to navigate you through the best hair colour brands in India, ensuring that your choice not only enhances your style but also maintains hair health.

Hair colour products come in three main types: permanent, which offers long-lasting color change; semi-permanent, which fades over several washes; and temporary, providing color that washes out after one or two shampoos. Ingredients are a crucial factor, especially for those with sensitive scalps or damaged hair, as some products contain harsh chemicals that can further damage hair.

Comparison Table

BrandBest ForKey ProductsUnique Selling Points
L’Oréal ParisWide shade rangeCasting Crème Gloss, Excellence CrèmeProfessional quality, diverse shades
GarnierNatural-looking colorColor Naturals, OliaNourishing properties, natural shades
RevlonVibrant color optionsColorsilk, Top SpeedLong-lasting formulas, vibrant colors
Godrej ExpertAffordabilityRich Crème, OriginalBudget-friendly, easy to use
BBLUNTSalon-grade colorSalon Secret, MiniTailored for Indian hair, long-lasting
MatrixProfessional qualitySoColor, Wonder.BlackSalon favorite, rich pigmentation
SchwarzkopfPremium qualityKeratin Color, PaletteInnovative technology, high-end range
StreaxVibrant shadesUltralights, TLCAffordable, easy application
Wella ProfessionalsLuxury coloringKoleston Perfect, Color TouchLuxurious shades, lasting results
Indus ValleyOrganic ingredients100% Botanical, Gel ColourChemical-free, natural coloring
AmwayColor and hair healthSatiniqueFocus on hair health, vibrant shades

The Top Hair Colour Brands in India

1. L’Oréal Paris

L’Oréal Paris is a go-to for many Indian women, offering a diverse shade range and products known for their professional quality. Their Casting Crème Gloss and Excellence Crème lines are particularly popular for delivering vibrant color and nourishing hair.

  • Best For: Wide shade range, professional quality.
  • Key Products: L’Oréal Paris Casting Crème Gloss, Excellence Crème.

2. Garnier

Garnier hair color is celebrated for its natural-looking results and hair-nourishing properties. Their Color Naturals and Olia lines blend vibrant colors with nourishing oils, ensuring hair stays healthy post-coloring.

  • Best For: Natural-looking results, hair nourishment.
  • Key Products: Garnier Color Naturals, Garnier Olia.

3. Revlon

Revlon offers hair color solutions that stand out for their vibrant color options and long-lasting formulas. Revlon Colorsilk and Top Speed are favored for their quality and range of shades.

  • Best For: Vibrant color options, longevity.
  • Key Products: Revlon Colorsilk, Revlon Top Speed.

4. Godrej Expert

Known for its affordability and ease of use, Godrej Expert provides quality hair coloring at a budget-friendly price. Their Rich Crème and Original range are widely used for their convenience and range of shades.

  • Best For: Affordability, ease of use.
  • Key Products: Godrej Expert Rich Crème, Godrej Expert Original.


BBLUNT, designed specifically for Indian hair types and conditions, offers salon-grade hair color. Their Salon Secret and Mini ranges are praised for their long-lasting color and shine.

  • Best For: Salon-grade color, tailored for Indian hair.
  • Key Products: BBLUNT Salon Secret, BBLUNT Mini.

6. Matrix

Matrix is preferred by professionals for its salon-quality results. Their SoColor and Wonder.Black lines are known for their rich pigmentation and long-lasting color.

  • Best For: Professional use, high-quality pigmentation.
  • Key Products: Matrix SoColor, Matrix Wonder.Black.

7. Schwarzkopf

Schwarzkopf stands out for its innovative technology and high-quality hair color products. Their Keratin Color and Palette lines are ideal for those seeking premium color options.

  • Best For: Innovative technology, premium quality.
  • Key Products: Schwarzkopf Keratin Color, Schwarzkopf Palette.

8. Streax

For those on a budget, Streax offers vibrant shades that are easy to apply. Their Ultralights and TLC ranges are popular for providing an affordable way to achieve a bold, new look.

  • Best For: Budget-friendly, vibrant shades.
  • Key Products: Streax Ultralights, Streax TLC.

9. Wella Professionals

Wella Professionals is known for its high-end, quality hair color. Their Koleston Perfect and Color Touch lines cater to those seeking luxurious and long-lasting color.

  • Best For: Luxury hair coloring, lasting results.
  • Key Products: Wella Koleston Perfect, Wella Color Touch.

10. Indus Valley

For those looking for organic options, Indus Valley offers hair color that is chemical-free. Their 100% botanical range and Gel Colour are perfect for those seeking natural and gentle coloring solutions.

  • Best For: Organic, chemical-free options.
  • Key Products: Indus Valley 100% Botanical, Indus Valley Gel Colour.

11. Amway

Amway provides hair color that focuses on both shade and hair health. Their Satinique range is designed to deliver vibrant color while also caring for the hair.

  • Best For: Balancing color and hair health.
  • Key Products: Amway Satinique.

Understanding Hair Colour Ingredients

When choosing hair color, it’s crucial to consider the ingredients. Opt for ammonia-free formulas if you have a sensitive scalp or damaged hair, and look for products with natural oils and conditioners to nourish hair during the coloring process.

Selecting Hair Colour Based on Hair Type and Skin Tone

Choosing the right hair color depends on your natural hair type and skin tone. Lighter shades may suit fair complexions, while warmer, deeper tones can complement duskier skin tones. Always consider your hair’s existing condition – damaged or chemically treated hair may react differently to color.

Price Range and Availability

The price of hair color in India varies from affordable brands like Godrej Expert and Streax to premium options like Wella Professionals and Schwarzkopf. These brands are available in beauty stores, supermarkets, and online.


Selecting the right hair color is key to enhancing your personal style while maintaining hair health. Whether you choose the vibrant shades of L’Oréal Paris or the organic options from Indus Valley, ensure that the product aligns with your hair care needs and lifestyle preferences.


  1. Q: Is L’Oréal Paris hair color suitable for all hair types? A: Yes, L’Oréal Paris offers a range of hair color products suitable for various hair types.
  2. Q: Can Garnier hair color cause allergic reactions? A: While rare, any hair color can cause allergic reactions. It’s advisable to do a patch test 48 hours before application.
  3. Q: How long does Revlon Colorsilk color last? A: Revlon Colorsilk is a permanent hair color and typically lasts until the hair grows out or is recolored.
  4. Q: Is Godrej Expert hair color ammonia-free? A: Godrej Expert offers some ammonia-free variants, but it’s best to check the specific product details.
  5. Q: Can BBLUNT Salon Secret be used for gray coverage? A: Yes, BBLUNT Salon Secret is effective in covering gray hair.
  6. Q: Are Matrix hair colors only available in salons? A: While Matrix is a professional brand used in salons, some products are available for purchase online or in stores for home use.
  7. Q: How natural are Schwarzkopf hair colors? A: Schwarzkopf offers a range of hair colors, some with more natural ingredients than others. Check product labels for specifics.
  8. Q: Is Streax hair color damaging to the hair? A: Streax hair color, like any chemical hair color, can be damaging if not used correctly. Always follow the instructions and use hair care treatments post-coloring.
  9. Q: How effective is Wella Professionals for professional coloring? A: Wella Professionals is highly regarded for professional hair coloring, offering high-quality and long-lasting results.
  10. Q: Are Indus Valley hair colors completely chemical-free? A: Indus Valley offers some 100% botanical hair colors, but always check the ingredients list for complete information.
  11. Q: How often should I color my hair with Amway Satinique? A: The frequency of hair coloring with Amway Satinique depends on hair growth and personal preference. Typically, it’s every 4-6 weeks.
  12. Q: Can L’Oréal Paris hair color be used on chemically treated hair? A: Yes, but it’s recommended to wait a few weeks after chemical treatments before coloring.
  13. Q: Does Garnier Olia help in conditioning the hair? A: Garnier Olia contains natural oils, which can help condition the hair during the coloring process.
  14. Q: Is Revlon Colorsilk good for full gray coverage? A: Yes, Revlon Colorsilk offers effective gray coverage.
  15. Q: How long does Godrej Expert Rich Crème last? A: As a permanent hair color, it should last until new hair growth, typically 4-6 weeks.
  16. Q: Can BBLUNT hair color be used at home? A: Yes, BBLUNT hair color products are designed for easy at-home application.
  17. Q: Are Matrix SoColor products ammonia-free? A: Matrix offers both ammonia-free and ammonia-containing products within the SoColor range.
  18. Q: Is Schwarzkopf Palette suitable for sensitive scalp? A: If you have a sensitive scalp, it’s best to choose Schwarzkopf’s sensitive range or conduct a patch test first.
  19. Q: Does Streax hair color contain parabens? A: Check the specific Streax product for ingredients as formulations may vary.
  20. Q: How natural is the color result with Wella Professionals? A: Wella Professionals offers a range of colors, some of which provide very natural-looking results.

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