10 Best Eyeglasses Brands in India (2024): Seeing is Believing

India’s eyewear scene is booming, bursting with trendy frames and top-notch technology. But with so many choices, finding the perfect pair of glasses can feel like navigating a maze blindfolded. Worry not, dear spectacle seeker! This guide uncovers the 10 best eyeglasses brands in India, catering to diverse styles, budgets, and needs.

Table: Top Eyeglasses Brands in India

FeatureLenskartTitan Eye PlusRay-BanFastrackVincent ChaseJohn JacobsPolaroidCarreraOakleyVogue Eyewear
StrengthsVast frame selection, premium lenses, virtual try-on, budget optionsClassic designs, premium materials, eye health focusIconic styles, bold statement pieces, high-quality materialsTrendy designs, vibrant colors, budget-friendlyLuxurious design, premium materials, comfortable framesComfortable & functional frames, wide style range, affordabilityPolarized lenses, vintage designs, sun-loving appealSporty & stylish designs, lightweight frames, durable materialsHigh-tech frames, innovative lenses, exceptional clarityElegant & feminine frames, Parisian chic style, runway trends
WeaknessesSome premium brands pricey, potential online fitting issuesLimited trendy styles, higher price rangeNot for everyone’s style, limited prescription options for certain modelsLower quality materials, limited durabilitySignificantly higher price range, limited availabilitySimpler designs, limited fashion focusLimited prescription lens options, not ideal for all face shapesMight not appeal to everyone’s taste, higher price rangePricier, sporty designs might not suit everyoneLimited focus on practicality & durability, higher price range
Ideal forTrendsetters, tech-savvy, value-conscious, online shoppersQuality-conscious professionals, timeless elegance, specific eye care needsTrendsetters, fashionistas, vintage enthusiasts, bold statementsCollege students, trendsetters, budget-conscious fashionistasFashionistas, celebrities, luxury eyewear enthusiasts, Italian flairProfessionals, working adults, comfort & functionality seekersSun lovers, outdoor enthusiasts, vintage enthusiasts, clear visionAthletes, sports enthusiasts, sporty look, active individualsAthletes, professionals, performance eyewear demand, specific vision needsFashion-conscious women, Parisian chic style, runway trends
Price RangeBudget-friendly to premiumMid-range to premiumHigher-endBudget-friendlyHigh-endBudget-friendlyBudget-friendly to mid-rangeMid-range to premiumHigh-endMid-range to premium
Style FocusTrendy, varied, global brandsClassic, sophisticated, timelessBold, iconic, statement piecesYouthful, vibrant, experimentalLuxurious, Italian, uniqueComfortable, functional, practicalVintage-inspired, sun-lovingSporty, racing-inspired, activeHigh-tech, performance-drivenElegant, feminine, runway trends

1. Lenskart:

The reigning king of India’s eyewear game, Lenskart offers a vast selection of stylish frames (own brands and global labels), premium lenses, and convenient online shopping with virtual try-on.

  • Strengths: Vast frame selection (own brands and global names), premium lenses, virtual try-on, convenient online shopping, budget-friendly options.
  • Weaknesses: Some premium brands might be pricier, potential fitting inconsistencies with online orders.
  • Ideal for: Trendsetters, tech-savvy peeps, value-conscious buyers, those seeking online convenience.
  • Pro Tip: Explore their in-store try-on options and lens customization services.

2. Titan Eye Plus:

Renowned for their classic and sophisticated designs, Titan elevates eyewear to an art form. Their premium materials, impeccable craftsmanship, and focus on eye health make them a trusted choice for discerning individuals.

  • Strengths: Classic and sophisticated designs, premium materials, exceptional craftsmanship, focus on eye health, trusted brand heritage.
  • Weaknesses: Limited trendy styles, higher price range compared to some brands.
  • Ideal for: Quality-conscious professionals, those seeking timeless elegance, individuals with specific eye care needs.
  • Pro Tip: Look for their exclusive collaborations with designers for unique frame styles.

3. Ray-Ban:

The iconic American brand brings Hollywood cool to India with their timeless Aviators, Wayfarers, and Clubmasters. These bold frames ooze attitude and are perfect for making a statement.

  • Strengths: Iconic Hollywood aura, timeless designs (Aviators, Wayfarers, Clubmasters), bold statement pieces, high-quality materials.
  • Weaknesses: Not for everyone’s style preference, pricier than some brands, limited prescription lens options for certain models.
  • Ideal for: Trendsetters, fashionistas, vintage enthusiasts, those wanting to make a bold statement.
  • Pro Tip: Check authorized retailers for authenticity and wider prescription lens compatibility.

4. Fastrack:

Youthful, vibrant, and affordable, Fastrack’s trendy frames cater to the young and fashion-forward. Their playful designs and budget-friendly prices make them ideal for experimenting with different styles.

  • Strengths: Trendy and youthful designs, vibrant colors, budget-friendly prices, regular new collections, perfect for experimentation.
  • Weaknesses: Lower quality materials compared to some brands, might not be as durable, limited range for those seeking higher-end styles.
  • Ideal for: College students, trendsetters, budget-conscious fashionistas, those who love playing with different looks.
  • Pro Tip: Choose models with sturdier frames for better durability and consider their limited warranty options.

5. Vincent Chase:

Combining Italian flair with global trends, Vincent Chase offers luxurious frames crafted from premium materials. Their sleek designs and focus on comfort make them a popular choice for the style-conscious elite.

  • Strengths: Luxurious Italian design, premium materials (acetate, titanium), sleek and comfortable frames, celebrity appeal, focus on craftsmanship.
  • Weaknesses: Significantly higher price range, limited availability through select stores, not for everyone’s budget.
  • Ideal for: Fashionistas, celebrities, luxury eyewear enthusiasts, those seeking a touch of Italian flair.
  • Pro Tip: Look for online deals or clearance sales for slightly better pricing on select models.

6. John Jacobs:

With a focus on comfort and durability, John Jacobs caters to the practical side of style. Their functional frames come in a range of styles and are perfect for everyday wear.

  • Strengths: Comfortable and functional frames, durable materials, wide range of styles (including rimless), focus on practicality, affordability.
  • Weaknesses: Simpler designs, might not cater to trendy styles, limited focus on fashion aspects.
  • Ideal for: Professionals, working adults, those who prioritize comfort and functionality, budget-conscious buyers.
  • Pro Tip: Explore their anti-reflective and blue light filter lens options for added functionality.

7. Polaroid:

Bringing the magic of instant photography to eyewear, Polaroid offers stylish frames with polarized lenses that reduce glare and enhance clarity. Their vintage-inspired designs add a touch of retro charm.

  • Strengths: Polarized lenses for glare reduction and superior clarity, vintage-inspired designs, trendy styles, sun-loving appeal, affordable price range.
  • Weaknesses: Limited range of prescription lens options compared to some brands, might not be ideal for all face shapes.
  • Ideal for: Sun lovers, outdoor enthusiasts, vintage enthusiasts, those seeking comfortable and clear vision.
  • Pro Tip: Choose their polarized sunglasses with prescription lenses for added protection and optimal vision outdoors.

8. Carrera:

This iconic Italian brand known for its sporty sunglasses also offers sleek and stylish eyeglasses. Their lightweight frames and racing-inspired designs are perfect for the active individual.

  • Strengths: Sporty and stylish designs, lightweight frames, racing-inspired aesthetics, durable materials, good for active lifestyles.
  • Weaknesses: Might not be for everyone’s taste, limited styles outside the sporty genre, higher price range compared to some brands.
  • Ideal for: Athletes, sports enthusiasts, those who love a sporty look, active individuals seeking stylish eyewear.
  • Pro Tip: Explore their performance lens options for enhanced clarity and protection during specific activities.

9. Oakley:

Combining performance with style, Oakley’s high-tech frames are favored by athletes and professionals for their durability and clarity. Their innovative lens technologies provide superior vision for any activity.

  • Strengths: High-tech frames for durability and performance, innovative lens technologies (Prizm, Oakley TrueDigital), exceptional clarity, preferred by athletes and professionals.
  • Weaknesses: Pricier than most brands, not for everyday wear, sporty designs might not appeal to everyone.
  • Ideal for: Athletes, professionals, those demanding the best in performance eyewear, individuals with specific vision needs.
  • Pro Tip: Consult with sports eyewear specialists for optimal lens and frame selection for your specific sport or activity.

10. Vogue Eyewear:

Bringing Parisian chic to the Indian market, Vogue Eyewear offers elegant and feminine frames inspired by the latest runway trends. Their delicate designs and luxurious materials make them ideal for the fashion-conscious woman.

  • Strengths: Elegant and feminine frames, Parisian chic style, inspired by runway trends, delicate designs, luxurious materials, perfect for fashion-conscious women.
  • Weaknesses: Limited focus on practicality and durability, higher price range, might not be for everyone’s face shape.
  • Ideal for: If you push your limits on the field, court, or in the workplace, Oakley delivers the performance and protection you need.
  • Pro Tip: Maximize your potential with Oakley’s expert help. Consult with sports eyewear specialists or authorized retailers to find the perfect lens and frame combination for your specific sport or activity.


In summary, the best eyeglasses brands in India offer a harmonious combination of style, comfort, and quality. Catering to diverse preferences and needs, these brands range from luxury to budget-friendly, each providing unique designs, innovative technology, and superior materials. Whether you seek the latest fashion trends in eyewear, require specialized lenses for vision correction, or desire durable and comfortable frames, Indian eyeglass brands have something for everyone. With a focus on enhancing visual clarity and adding a touch of personal style, these top brands are not just about correcting vision but also about making a fashion statement. By prioritizing eye health along with aesthetic appeal, they ensure that every individual can find the perfect pair of glasses to suit their lifestyle and personality.


  1. What are some top eyeglasses brands in India?
    Answer: Notable brands include Titan EyePlus, Lenskart, Fastrack, Ray-Ban, and Oakley, among others.
  2. Which Indian eyeglasses brands offer the best value for money?
    Answer: Brands like Lenskart and Fastrack are known for offering good quality eyeglasses at reasonable prices.
  3. Are there any luxury eyeglasses brands available in India?
    Answer: Yes, luxury brands like Cartier, Gucci, and Prada are available in high-end optical stores in India.
  4. Can I find eyeglasses suitable for children from Indian brands?
    Answer: Yes, many brands like Titan EyePlus and Lenskart offer a range of eyeglasses designed specifically for children.
  5. What should I consider when choosing an eyeglass frame?
    Answer: Consider the frame material, your face shape, lifestyle, lens type, and personal style preferences.
  6. Which brand is best for prescription eyeglasses in India?
    Answer: Lenskart and Titan EyePlus are popular choices for prescription eyeglasses due to their wide range and professional services.
  7. Do any Indian eyeglasses brands offer blue light filtering lenses?
    Answer: Yes, brands like Lenskart offer blue light filtering lenses, which are beneficial for people who spend long hours on digital screens.
  8. Are there eco-friendly eyeglasses brands in India?
    Answer: Brands like PeepalTree and Ecowings offer eco-friendly eyeglasses made from sustainable materials.
  9. Which Indian brands offer the best sunglasses?
    Answer: Ray-Ban, Fastrack, and Polaroid are known for their high-quality sunglasses with effective UV protection.
  10. How do I know if a pair of eyeglasses will fit me comfortably?
    Answer: Ensure the frame width matches your face width, the nose bridge fits snugly, and the temples are the correct length.
  11. Can I buy prescription eyeglasses online in India?
    Answer: Yes, online retailers like Lenskart allow you to buy prescription glasses with options for virtual try-on.
  12. Do Indian eyeglasses brands offer warranties on their products?
    Answer: Yes, most reputable brands offer warranties covering manufacturing defects for a specified period.
  13. Are there any Indian brands that specialize in sports eyewear?
    Answer: Oakley and Fastrack offer a range of sports eyewear suitable for various athletic activities.
  14. Which brands offer the most stylish eyeglasses in India?
    Answer: Brands like Vogue and Tommy Hilfiger are known for their stylish and trendy eyeglass designs.
  15. How often should I replace my eyeglasses?
    Answer: Typically, eyeglasses should be replaced every 2-3 years, or as per changes in your vision prescription.
  16. Can I find lightweight eyeglasses in Indian brands?
    Answer: Yes, brands like Titan EyePlus offer lightweight frames for added comfort.
  17. Do any brands offer anti-reflective lenses in India?
    Answer: Yes, most major eyeglasses brands in India offer anti-reflective lenses.
  18. What are the price ranges for branded eyeglasses in India?
    Answer: Prices vary widely, from affordable options around INR 1,000 to luxury frames costing INR 20,000 or more.
  19. Are customized eyeglasses available from Indian brands?
    Answer: Yes, several brands offer customized eyeglasses to suit individual preferences and requirements.
  20. Which Indian brands offer the best after-sales service for eyeglasses?
    Answer: Titan EyePlus and Lenskart are known for their excellent after-sales service, including free adjustments and repairs.

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