11 Best Condoms in India: Ensuring Safety with Pleasure

Best Condoms in India: Ensuring Safety with Pleasure

In India’s diverse and dynamic landscape, the conversation around safe sex practices is evolving. Condoms, pivotal in this discussion, serve as both a contraceptive method and a crucial tool for STI prevention. Today, the Indian market offers a plethora of condom brands, each boasting unique features, textures, and flavors, catering to a variety of preferences and needs.

Condoms are designed primarily to prevent pregnancy and the transmission of sexually transmitted infections (STIs). They come in various types, including latex and non-latex, and offer different textures like ribbed or dotted for enhanced sensation. Flavored condoms have also gained popularity, adding a fun twist to safe sex practices.

Comparison Table

BrandBest ForKey FeaturesUnique Selling Points
DurexVariety, reliabilityUltra-thin, extra ribbedWide range, innovative textures
ManforceFlavors, texturesStrawberry flavor, extra dottedExtensive flavor range, textured options
KamaSutraUnique texturesRibbed, dottedEnhanced pleasure designs
SkoreYouthful appealChocolate flavor, zig-zag textureVibrant, themed varieties
MoodsTexture varietyUltra-thin, dottedWide range of textures
KohinoorTraditional usersXtra Time, PinkNo-frills, reliable options
PlaygardExtra pleasureSuper dotted, more timeLubrication, performance enhancement
OkamotoNatural feelUltra-thin, high sensitivitySkin-like feel, ultra-thin technology
BleuHypoallergenicEco-friendly, non-toxicSafe for allergies, eco-conscious
InvigraExperimentationMax Pleasure, Hi PerformanceMix of flavors and textures
CarexGlobal appealSuper Thin, PowershotVariety, international standards

The Top 11 Condom Brands in India

1. Durex

Durex is synonymous with reliability and a broad range of options. From ultra-thin to extra safe, Durex caters to every preference.

  • Best For: Wide variety, high reliability.
  • Key Products: Durex Air, Durex Extra Ribbed.

2. Manforce

Manforce stands out with its extensive array of flavors and innovative textures, making it a popular choice among those looking to spice things up.

  • Best For: Flavored options, extra dotted textures.
  • Key Products: Manforce Strawberry, Manforce Extra Dotted.

3. KamaSutra

KamaSutra offers a unique range of condoms with special textures. Its ribbed and dotted varieties are designed to enhance pleasure.

  • Best For: Unique textures, enhanced pleasure.
  • Key Products: KamaSutra Ribbed, KamaSutra Dotted.

4. Skore

Targeting a younger audience, Skore’s branding is vibrant and modern. They offer flavored and themed condoms, appealing to those looking for something different.

  • Best For: Younger demographic, flavored varieties.
  • Key Products: Skore Chocolate, Skore Zig Zag.

5. Moods

Moods provides a wide range of options, from ultra-thin to dotted varieties, catering to different preferences for intimacy.

  • Best For: Variety in textures, ultra-thin options.
  • Key Products: Moods Ultra Thin, Moods Dotted.

6. Kohinoor

Kohinoor, known for its straightforward and reliable products, is a go-to for those who prefer traditional and no-frills options.

  • Best For: Traditional users, reliability.
  • Key Products: Kohinoor Xtra Time, Kohinoor Pink.

7. Playgard

Playgard focuses on providing extra pleasure with features like more lubrication and variants that help delay ejaculation.

  • Best For: Extra lubrication, prolonged performance.
  • Key Products: Playgard Super Dotted, Playgard More Time.

8. Okamoto

Okamoto is known globally for its ultra-thin condoms, offering a skin-like feel and high sensitivity, perfect for those seeking a natural experience.

  • Best For: Ultra-thin technology, natural feel.
  • Key Products: Okamoto Skinless Skin, Okamoto 003 Platinum.

9. Bleu

Bleu makes a mark with its eco-friendly and non-toxic condoms. They’re ideal for those with allergies or sensitivities, offering a safe and hypoallergenic option.

  • Best For: Eco-friendly, hypoallergenic.
  • Key Products: Bleu Ultra-Thin, Bleu Ribbed & Dotted.

10. Invigra

Invigra offers a playful mix of textures and flavors, catering to those looking to experiment and enjoy variety in their intimate moments.

  • Best For: Mix of textures, flavored options.
  • Key Products: Invigra Max Pleasure, Invigra Hi Performance.

11. Carex

With a global presence, Carex provides a variety of standard and unique condom types, ensuring safety with a pleasurable experience.

  • Best For: Global brand, variety in options.
  • Key Products: Carex Super Thin, Carex Powershot.

Understanding Condom Sizes

Selecting the right size is crucial for both comfort and effectiveness. Condoms too tight or too loose can lead to breakage or slipping, compromising their protective purpose.

Latex vs. Non-Latex Condoms

Latex condoms are the most common, but non-latex options are available for those with latex allergies. Non-latex condoms are usually made from materials like polyurethane or polyisoprene.

Price Range and Availability

The price range of condoms in India varies from affordable to premium, catering to different budgets. These brands are widely available in pharmacies, supermarkets, and online platforms.


Selecting the right condom brand in India is about balancing safety, pleasure, and personal preference. Whether you seek the reliability of Durex, the innovation of Skore, or the sensitivity of Okamoto, there’s a brand to meet every need. Remember, the right condom not only protects but also enhances your intimate experience.


  1. Q: Are Durex condoms electronically tested? A: Yes, Durex condoms undergo electronic testing to ensure their safety and reliability.
  2. Q: Can Manforce Strawberry condoms be used for oral sex? A: Yes, Manforce Strawberry condoms are flavored and can be used for oral sex.
  3. Q: Are KamaSutra condoms suitable for people with latex allergies? A: KamaSutra primarily produces latex condoms, so those with allergies should consider non-latex alternatives.
  4. Q: Do Skore condoms come in different sizes? A: Skore offers a standard size, but their product range varies in textures and flavors.
  5. Q: Are Moods condoms vegan? A: Moods doesn’t specifically market its condoms as vegan. It’s best to check the product details for specific ingredients.
  6. Q: How effective are Kohinoor condoms in preventing pregnancy? A: When used correctly, Kohinoor condoms are highly effective in preventing pregnancy.
  7. Q: Do Playgard condoms have a special lubricant for delay? A: Yes, some Playgard condoms come with a special lubricant to help delay ejaculation.
  8. Q: Are Okamoto condoms thinner than other brands? A: Okamoto specializes in ultra-thin condoms, offering a thinner feel compared to many other brands.
  9. Q: Do Bleu condoms contain any harmful chemicals? A: Bleu condoms are marketed as eco-friendly and non-toxic, focusing on hypoallergenic materials.
  10. Q: What makes Invigra condoms unique? A: Invigra condoms offer a unique mix of textures and flavors, catering to diverse preferences.
  11. Q: Are Carex condoms available in ribbed textures? A: Yes, Carex offers a variety of textures, including ribbed options.
  12. Q: Is it safe to use flavored condoms for intercourse? A: Yes, flavored condoms are safe for intercourse, though they are primarily intended for oral sex.
  13. Q: How long can a Durex condom last before it expires? A: Durex condoms typically have an expiration date of 3-5 years from the manufacturing date.
  14. Q: Can lubricants be used with Manforce condoms? A: Yes, water-based or silicone-based lubricants can be safely used with Manforce condoms.
  15. Q: Do KamaSutra condoms offer extra lubrication? A: Some KamaSutra condoms come with extra lubrication for a smoother experience.
  16. Q: Are Skore condoms available in smaller packs? A: Skore condoms are available in various pack sizes, including smaller trial packs.
  17. Q: Is the Moods Ultra Thin variant as effective as regular condoms? A: Yes, Moods Ultra Thin condoms provide the same level of protection as regular condoms, offering a more natural feel.
  18. Q: How does Kohinoor Xtra Time condom work? A: Kohinoor Xtra Time condoms contain a special lubricant that helps delay ejaculation for prolonged performance.
  19. Q: Are Playgard Super Dotted condoms safe for anal sex? A: Playgard Super Dotted condoms can be used for anal sex, but extra lubrication is recommended for comfort.
  20. Q: What is the thickness of Okamoto 003 Platinum condoms? A: Okamoto 003 Platinum condoms are among the thinnest available, with a thickness of just 0.03 millimeters.

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