11 Best Biscuit Brands in India 2024

11 Best Biscuit Brands in India 2024

In India, biscuits are more than just a snack; they are an integral part of the tea-time ritual and a popular treat for all ages. With a vast array of brands and varieties available in the market, choosing the right biscuit can enhance your tea experience, provide a quick snack, or even offer health benefits. As of 2024, the Indian biscuit market has seen significant growth and diversification. This article will explore the 11 best biscuit brands in India, each known for its unique flavors, quality, and appeal.

The Role of Biscuits in Indian Cuisine: Biscuits in India serve various roles – from being a quick breakfast accompaniment to a leisurely tea-time snack, and even as a treat for children. They come in different forms: sweet, savory, healthy, and indulgent, catering to a wide spectrum of tastes and preferences.

Criteria for Choosing a Biscuit Brand: When selecting a biscuit brand, consider factors like taste, ingredients, health benefits, price, and shelf life. Whether you prefer a classic butter biscuit, a fiber-rich digestive, or a chocolate-filled treat, there’s a brand for every preference.

Comparison Table of Best Biscuit Brands in India

BrandKey ProductsPrice RangeTarget AudienceUnique Selling Point
ParleParle-G, Monaco, KrackJackAffordableAll age groupsClassic flavors, wide range and affordability
BritanniaGood Day, Bourbon, Marie GoldModerateAll age groupsVariety of flavors, trusted quality
SunfeastDark Fantasy, BounceModerate to HighYoung & health-consciousInnovative flavors, premium range
Priya GoldButter Bite, CNCAffordableBudget-conscious consumersDiverse range, affordable pricing
McVitie’sDigestive, HobnobsModerate to HighHealth-consciousHealthy options with less sugar and more fiber
AnmolDream Lite, Veg MunchAffordableAll age groupsWide variety, competitive pricing
UnibicChoco Chip CookiesModerateGourmet cookie loversUnique and premium cookie varieties
PatanjaliDoodh Biscuits, AarogyaAffordable to ModerateHealth-focused consumersNatural and healthful ingredients
DukesWaffy, Choco RollsModerateIndulgence seekersRich and creamy flavors
Cadbury BournvitaBournvita BiscuitsModerateChildren and familiesBournvita flavored, appealing to kids
KissanKissan BiscuitsModerateFamilies, childrenComplements well with spreads and jams

11 Best Biscuit Brands in India 2024:

1. Parle:

Description: Parle is one of India’s oldest and most beloved biscuit brands, known for its wide range of affordable and tasty biscuits.

Key Products: Parle-G, Monaco, KrackJack.

Why Choose Parle: Perfect for those who love classic flavors and seek value for money.

2. Britannia:

Description: Britannia offers a diverse range of biscuits, known for their quality and delicious taste.

Key Products: Good Day, Bourbon, Marie Gold.

Why Choose Britannia: Great for a variety of flavors and a trusted brand for quality.

3. Sunfeast:

Description: A brand under ITC, Sunfeast has made its mark with innovative flavors and high-quality ingredients.

Key Products: Dark Fantasy, Bounce, Marie Light.

Why Choose Sunfeast: Ideal for those who enjoy indulgent and unique biscuit flavors.

4. Priya Gold:

Description: Priya Gold has emerged as a popular brand known for its diverse range of flavors and affordable pricing.

Key Products: Butter Bite, CNC, Classic Cream.

Why Choose Priya Gold: Suitable for those looking for a mix of traditional and modern flavors at budget-friendly prices.

5. McVitie’s:

Description: McVitie’s, a brand known globally, offers a range of healthy and digestive biscuits in India.

Key Products: Digestive, Hobnobs, Rich Tea.

Why Choose McVitie’s: Best for health-conscious individuals who prefer biscuits with less sugar and more fiber.

6. Anmol:

Description: Anmol is a rapidly growing biscuit brand in India, offering a variety of flavors at competitive prices.

Key Products: Dream Lite, Veg Munch, Funfill.

Why Choose Anmol: A good choice for those who seek a wide variety at affordable prices.

7. Unibic:

Description: Known for its unique and premium range, Unibic offers a variety of cookies with distinct flavors and ingredients.

Key Products: Choco Chip Cookies, Fruit & Nut Cookies, Snack Bars.

Why Choose Unibic: Perfect for those who enjoy gourmet and specialty cookies.

8. Patanjali:

Description: Patanjali has gained popularity with its range of Ayurvedic and health-focused biscuits.

Key Products: Doodh Biscuits, Aarogya Biscuits, Nutty Delite.

Why Choose Patanjali: Ideal for those who prefer biscuits made with natural and healthful ingredients.

9. Dukes:

Description: Dukes offers a range of biscuits and cookies that are popular for their rich flavors and quality.

Key Products: Waffy, Marie Break, Choco Rolls.

Why Choose Dukes: Great for indulging in rich, flavorful, and creamy biscuit varieties.

10. Cadbury Bournvita:

Description: Leveraging the popularity of Bournvita, Cadbury’s biscuit variant offers a unique taste with the added goodness of Bournvita.

Key Products: Bournvita Biscuits.

Why Choose Cadbury Bournvita: Suitable for those who love the taste of Bournvita in a biscuit form, especially appealing to children.

11. Kissan:

Description: Known primarily for its jams and ketchup, Kissan has also ventured into the biscuit market with products that pair well with their spreads.

Key Products: Kissan Biscuits.

Why Choose Kissan: Best for those looking for biscuits that complement spreads and jams for a quick snack.

Emerging Trends in Biscuit Industry in India: The biscuit industry in India is seeing a trend towards health-oriented products, including options with whole grains, less sugar, and added nutrients. There is also a growing demand for premium and gourmet biscuit varieties, catering to a more discerning palate.

Conclusion: The Indian biscuit market offers a rich variety of brands catering to diverse tastes and preferences. Whether you are looking for a healthy snack, an indulgent treat, or a nostalgic bite, these brands provide a plethora of options to satisfy your cravings. As consumer preferences evolve, these brands continue to innovate and introduce new flavors and healthier options.

FAQs on Best Biscuit Brands in India

  1. How do I choose the healthiest biscuit option?
    • Look for biscuits with whole grains, less sugar, and no trans fats. Check nutritional labels for fiber content and ingredients.
  2. Are there any vegan biscuit options available in India?
    • Yes, several brands offer vegan biscuits made without any animal products. Check the ingredients list to be sure.
  3. Can I find gluten-free biscuits in India?
    • Yes, with the growing awareness of gluten intolerance, many brands now offer gluten-free biscuit options.
  4. What are the best biscuits for diabetics?
    • Diabetics should opt for sugar-free or low-glycemic index biscuits. Always consult with a healthcare provider before making dietary changes.
  5. Are there any biscuit brands that specialize in organic products?
    • Yes, there are brands that offer organic biscuits made with natural ingredients and without preservatives.
  6. Which biscuit brand is best for kids?
    • Brands offering fortified biscuits with added vitamins and minerals or with less sugar and healthier ingredients are preferable for kids.
  7. What should I look for in a digestive biscuit?
    • Check for high fiber content and whole grain ingredients in digestive biscuits for the most health benefits.
  8. How long can I store biscuits after opening the pack?
    • Once opened, biscuits should be stored in an airtight container and consumed within a week to maintain freshness.
  9. Are cream biscuits unhealthy?
    • Cream biscuits generally contain more sugar and fats, so they should be consumed in moderation.
  10. Can biscuits be part of a weight loss diet?
    • Biscuits can be included in moderation, preferably those with high fiber and low sugar content.
  11. How are sugar-free biscuits sweetened?
    • Sugar-free biscuits are often sweetened with artificial sweeteners or natural sugar alternatives like stevia.
  12. Do any brands offer savory biscuit options?
    • Yes, several brands offer savory biscuits, including flavors like cheese, herbs, and spices.
  13. What is the shelf life of a typical biscuit pack?
    • Most biscuits have a shelf life of 6 months to 1 year, but always check the expiration date on the packaging.
  14. Are there any locally made biscuit brands in India?
    • Yes, apart from international brands, there are many local brands that offer a variety of biscuits.
  15. Can I find biscuits with exotic flavors in India?
    • Yes, with the growing demand, many brands now offer biscuits in exotic and international flavors.

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